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Naseeruddin Shah on why he does not watch Hindi films: ‘There is no substance...’

Naseeruddin Shah recently expressed his disappointment at the kind of films being made in Bollywood

Naseeruddin Shah on why he does not watch Hindi films: ‘There is no substance...’
Naseeruddin Shah

Last Updated: 06.56 PM, Feb 19, 2024


Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah has always been vocal about his opinions on cinema and politics in the country. This time, the actor has expressed disappointment over the type of films the Indian cinema produces and said that even though the Hindi film industry is more than 100 years old, the makers have been making the same type of content for the past few years.

Type of films being made in Bollywood

Speaking at the event Meer Ki Dilli, Shahjahanabad: The Evolving City in New Delhi recently, Naseeruddin said that it disappoints him that we take pride in saying Hindi cinema is 100 years old, but we have been making the same films over the years. He further revealed that because of this reason, he has stopped watching Hindi films as he does not like them.

Commenting about the audience that still likes Hindi cinema, the veteran actor said that people from all over the world watch Hindi films because it is their connection with their home but soon everyone will be fed up.

"Hindustani food is loved everywhere because it has substance. What substance do Hindi films have? Yes, they are being watched everywhere…They say, ‘how exotic, how Indian, how colourful’. Soon they will be bored of it because there is no substance,” the actor said.

Naseeruddin Shah believes that there is hope for Hindi cinema only if we stop seeing movies as a means of making money. He also feels that it's too late to make a change because the films that are being watched by thousands will keep being produced and people will keep watching them.

Responsibility of serious filmmakers

Speaking about the makers who want to make serious films, the actor said that it’s their responsibility to show today’s reality and in such a way that they don’t get a fatwa or ED doesn’t come knocking on their doors.

In 2023, Naseeruddin Shah showcased remarkable performances in films such as Kuttey, Taj: Divided By Blood and Saas, Bahu, Aur Flamingo. This year, he will feature in the upcoming web series Showtime.

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