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Negative: Rahul Banerjee and Debleena Dutta team up for a new film

Directed by Bappa, Negative delves into the loneliness of an artist 

Negative: Rahul Banerjee and Debleena Dutta team up for a new film
A scene from the film

Last Updated: 05.25 PM, Feb 28, 2024


After Shohorer Upokotha, based on the late thespian Badal Sircar’s play, Bakita Itihash, director Bappa is back with his next film, Negative. This film features Rahul Banerjee and Debleena Dutta in the lead. While Shohorer Upokotha explored the moral decadence of our society, this film delves into the recesses of death, ensnared and engulfed by a lone artist. He struggles to eke out a living and is caught in the oscillating dilemma of survival and fatality. Bappa has just completed the shooting.

Vishwakarma (Rahul Banerjee) is a struggling photographer and an artist. But no one around him understands the depths of his aesthetic sensibilities. Everyone around him and his prospective employers too believe that he's a very bad photographer. He doesn't get work, as he is only serious about taking pictures of dead people. Vishwakarma's wife Mala (Debleena Dutta) works in a factory to help the family amidst extreme financial difficulties. Amidst the myriad turmoil and tension, she feels an inexplicable respect and compassion for her husband's work, somewhere deep within. As the narrative progresses, Vishwakarma starts to become increasingly lonely, lost in his own psyche of futility. 

Talking about the film, Rahul said, “As an actor, I personally quite liked working in the film Negative. One of the primary reasons is that it has many spaces to explore as an actor. Realistically and metaphorically. While the story follows a linear structure, sometimes it flows into a non-linear and at times, it grows into a thought space. Performing in those spaces is very challenging as an actor.”

The actor further added, “Another interesting factor in this film, is that I played both father and son roles, which was fun to do. This is my second film with the talented, young director Bappa. I've observed, that he is very proud of his young team and gives them the priority and space they deserve. We had a fun environment to work in, though the outdoor schedules were quite gruelling.”

In Shantanu Nath's script, director Bappa weaves a compelling story of this setback, framed through the life of a helpless artist.

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