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Netizens ask who wrote dialogues of Martin after Dhruva Sarja spouts ‘cringe’ punchline

“Don't teach father, how to make babies,” was the line from the film that Dhruva said at a public event. Director AP Arjun assures that the actor does not have too many lines in the action film, but if the few that he has are like this, audiences reckon that it will not be good. 

Netizens ask who wrote dialogues of Martin after Dhruva Sarja spouts ‘cringe’ punchline
Dhruva Sarja and AP Arjun

Last Updated: 06.28 PM, Feb 16, 2023


Dhruva Sarja is known for having lengthy monologues in most of his films; it’s something his fans look forward to. So much so that every time he has an upcoming film or one in theatres and he makes a public appearance, the demand is that he say a popular punchline from it. Right now, Dhruva’s fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Martin, which has been long in the making and will only be in theatres in the summer of 2023. Barring a couple of images of the actor in his look from the film, nothing else is in the public domain yet, and the first teaser is expected on February 23.

Dhruva Sarja in Martin
Dhruva Sarja in Martin

Yet recently at a public event, Dhruva was asked to say a line from Martin and he obliged them. A video of this went viral on social media, with netizens wondering who wrote the ‘cringe-worthy’ line. The line from the film has Dhruva say something in Kannada, and then its literal English translation too, which is, “Don’t teach father, how to make babies!” Netizens responded with, “Idhu pan India film anthe, intha directors na nambkond iro janakke Namaskara. Sumne yellara mundhe mana maryadhe tegithare”, “I feel they don't watch new movies or update themselves...15 years back these dialogues would have been accepted but now it's soo cringe 😬😬!!...if movies have 10-15 dailogues similar to this .. whole theater experience is lost ...!!”, among others.

Recently, the team of Martin had its first press briefing in Bengaluru, during which director AP Arjun said that this is probably the first film of Dhruva’s in which he does not have too many lines. In fact, the actor had asked for more lines/monologues, but Arjun says that the script did not require that. The film, according to reports, is based on a story by Dhruva’s uncle, Arjun Sarja and has the actor sporting a heavy-set bulked up physique. The team has finished the talkie portions of the film, with only a few songs pending, but Dhruva is currently in a much leaner look, having shed weight for his next with director Prem.

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