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Netizens in awe of G.O.A.T Kamal Haasan after Thug Life teaser BTS video goes viral

The behind-the-scenes video of Thug Life teaser shows Kamal Haasan pulling off a well-executed in-camera trick shot. 

Netizens in awe of G.O.A.T Kamal Haasan after Thug Life teaser BTS video goes viral
Kamal Haasan in Thug Life.

Last Updated: 05.49 PM, Nov 08, 2023


Tamil superstar Kamal Haasan is the greatest living actor in the world. And he keeps proving it with each new movie. A behind-the-scenes video showing Kamal stepping into the shoes of Rangarayar Sakthivel Naiker in Thug Life is going viral on the internet. 

In this brief clip, we witness Kamal's remarkable feat—a well-executed in-camera trick shot. He delivers his lines in reverse for the closing shot of the teaser, creating the illusion that his shawl returns to him, rather than being blown away by the wind.

The teaser begins with Kamal standing against the vast desolate plain covered in rug-like fabrics. He's waiting for his rivals to attack him, allowing the wind to whisk his shawl away before engaging in combat. And by the end of the teaser, the lengthy fabric magically returns to him. Achieving this shot required Kamal to speak his dialogue in reverse, ensuring that when the shot was reversed, the dialogue flowed naturally. 

Since the BTS video surfaced online, fans have been going gaga over Kamal's ability to push boundaries. "Thats why he’s the goat. THE GOAT," said a fan, reacting to the viral video. 

"This Man #KamalHaasan Spoke the last Timelapse dialogue in Reverse his dedication towards his craft is insane," wrote another fan. 

But, it's noteworthy that this is not the first time Kamal acted in a scene shot backwards. He sang the entire Neela Vaanam song in his movie Manmadan Ambu (2010) backwards. 

In the meantime, the teaser reveal for Thug Life has taken the industry by storm. From the movie's unconventional title to the visual style, this movie promises fans an excellent cinematic experience. 

Directed by Mani Ratnam, the movie also stars Trisha, Jayam Ravi and Dulquer Salmaan. 

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