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Netizens rave about Monarch Legacy of Monsters finale’s Lee-Keiko reunion and epic Godzilla entry

In the 10th and final episode of Monarch Legacy of Monsters that dropped on Apple TV+ on January 12, there’s a rescue mission from Hollow Earth and some long-awaited Kaiju action

Netizens rave about Monarch Legacy of Monsters finale’s Lee-Keiko reunion and epic Godzilla entry
When Lee and Keiko meet again

Last Updated: 05.29 PM, Jan 12, 2024


It’s done – the first season of Apple TV+ Monsterverse series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters has drawn to a close in spectacular fashion raising calls for a follow up. The final episode, which came on the streamer earlier today (January 12) picked up right where it left off in Axis Mundi, where Dr Keiko Miura (Mari Yamamoto) has just rescued Cate (Anna Sawai) from a very territorial Brambleboar. Before they can properly get acquainted, May (Kiersey Clemons) and Lee Shaw (Kurt Russell) also turn up, although the latter does not immediately reveal himself to Keiko.

What Keiko thought was just only 57 days in Hollow Earth has actually been that many years, if not more, that she’s been gone and presumed dead. And even though Lee isn’t as old as he should be, he’s still aged enough since his time back on earth in 1982. Lee realises that he missed out on rescuing Keiko during his recon mission in 1962, as he had no idea she’d survived. But that’s not the hardest bit of news he has to deliver to her. There’s also the fact that Bill (Anders Holm/John Goodman) is no more. It’s an incredibly emotional scene as Lee and Keiko reunite, which audiences are absolutely digging.

That, of course, was not the only high point of the Monarch: Legacy of Monsters finale. The foursome stuck in Hollow Earth need a way out and for that, they need a Titan to pass through the portal. For this, they need to lure one from Earth back home or see if one from Hollow Earth fancies a trip up with a gamma ray simulator. The problem with Lee’s plan of piggybacking with a Titan and turning off the simulator in time for it to retreat to Hollow Earth is that they catch the attention of a Kaiju that’s already enjoyed its time under the sun – the Ion Dragon. For a Titan that sunk the USS Lawton, the pod from Operation Hourglass is like a speck of dust, but before it can rip it and its occupants to pieces, a saviour appears in the nick of time - Godzilla.

For fans who’d been thirsting for some Kaiju action, the King of Monsters makes a grand entry, thwarting the Ion Dragon from going up the portal – at least in one piece. Godzilla pummels him around and unleashes the full might of his atomic breath as well, before ripping off one of the Dragon’s wings and throwing the rest into the portal. Godzilla stepping into Hollow Earth is quite literally the money shot of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.

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