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Netizens troll Vedhika for her ‘emotional’ post about dog killing in London

The actress spoke up about the dogs, Marshall and Millions that were shot dead while still on leash, which, netizens felt, was unfair, but far less important than several other issues plaguing India

Netizens troll Vedhika for her ‘emotional’ post about dog killing in London
Vedhika in a screen grab from her video

Last Updated: 05.07 PM, May 21, 2023


Yesterday, actress Vedhika took to social media with a video post in which she seemed visibly distressed about a recent incident that occurred in London. In her video, Vedhika spoke at length about the horrific killing of two harmless dogs at the hands of the London police, while being held on leash by the pet parent. The dogs, Marshal and Million, had gotten into a minor scuffle with another dog that was being walked, which was reported to the police, whose knee-jerk reaction was to shoot the two dogs dead and taser their parent.

A pet parent and animal lover, Vedhika was quite shaken by the incident, which she described as the wrong reaction to a dog’s natural behaviour. Questioning the ‘execution’ of the two innocent dogs, the actress, who got all teary-eyed, said that the London police ought to be held accountable for their action and urged netizens to sign a petition to this effect.

Since her video post came up, Vedhika has found a lot of support, but there was also a fair amount of backlash, with netizens trolling the actress for getting all riled up about something that occurred in London, while remaining mum about far more pressing issues, like, for instance, the protest of Indian wrestlers over sexual harassment, among others. "Elites and their misplaced priorities," was a common comment. 

“Mam plzz raise voice for India wrestling and the gold medals winner of India it's also very serious topic to talk more than a dog's that other country is handling the case”, was one response, while another wrote, “Innocent people get shot every day in America & other countries no one bats an eye and now you want us to cry about dogs getting shot.” “Will be great to have a petition from you on the deaths of unfortunate children in India mauled by stray dogs … Any win-win solution for humans and dogs??” wrote yet another netizen, while a fourth suggested she ought to adopt a few Indian stray dogs before demanding justice in London and that a petition about farmers issues or human killings would get a lot more support.

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