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No Way Up release date and trailer- The film is onion layered with disasters and shark snacks

What do you do when a plane crashes deep into the Pacific Ocean & you survive? Give a pat on your back. But what happens when no help can come, oxygen is dwindling, & sharks await their dinner, you.

No Way Up release date and trailer- The film is onion layered with disasters and shark snacks
A still from the trailer of No Way Up

Last Updated: 02.45 AM, Dec 22, 2023


Dystopian films and disaster films are hard to mess up while creating, unless the CGI and VFX are horrendous or illogical. Humans are wired to figure out escape scenarios, despite being on their living room couch. Evolution has not taken that survival instinct from us yet. But what do you do when the situation is almost rigged by fate? No Way Up offers a fascinating account of that.

Though the makers have not made any official declaration yet, IMDB has given it a release date of February 20, 2024. The date seems probable, if not final, as according to Deadline, the film had wrapped up principal shooting by May 2022. Despite post-production, the date appears logical and promising. The official trailer had also been dropped on November 30, 2023.


The No Way Up cast comprises of Star Trek actor Colm Meaney as Brandon, Ava’s bodyguard, Brave New World actress Sophie McIntosh as Ava, Downtown Abbey’s Phyllis Logan as an unnamed, tough gran. The film also features Will Attenborough, James Carroll Jordan, Manuel Pacific, and Grace Nettle in prominent roles.

Being a disaster movie, the trailer shows the plane, and its passengers have a smooth time till the plane is airborne. The deceptive beginning is a classy move, building anticipation in the heart of the audience, who know all of them will not make it. Even none might.

Just as the passengers were snacking on peanuts and drinks, and an air hostess had begun calming the people, disaster strikes and the plane suddenly has a huge chunk blown from it, along with a large load of screaming passengers.

Those who were not thrown into the atmosphere, or blown apart, or crushed by the freely propelling seats, or the horrifying crash deep into Pacific Ocean, were lucky enough to have airlock set in. But that only gave them a few hours' time before the oxygen ran out. When helpful scuba divers appear, it all seems too good to be true.

And indeed, it was, for the scuba diver was suddenly snatched up by a great pair of jaws, ending up as an amuse bouche for a shark (or sharks, we do not know for sure). Now, the survivors must race against time, oxygen, and sharks to make it back to the surface, or else surviving the gruesome plane crash was for nothing.

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