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Nora Fatehi joins hands with Badshah for Zaalim; netizens term it as a banger to the beat!

The stunning Nora Fatehi has now joined hands with Badshah for the track ‘Zaalim’; netizens have already declared it a smash hit!

Nora Fatehi joins hands with Badshah for Zaalim; netizens term it as a banger to the beat!
Nora Fatehi's Zaalim song with Badshah

Last Updated: 03.04 PM, Feb 24, 2024


While she is a personified version of the term 'glamour', he is the literal ‘king’ of rap music. No prizes for guessing that we are indeed referring to the deadly combination of the stunning Nora Fatehi and the rapper cum musician Badshah. Looking back, they were two of the many reasons for the temperatures to soar high with their superhit track ‘Garmi’, a song whose melody resonates even till date. This time round, the two have once again joined hands for a track titled ‘Zaalim’, which has been released today.


Nora Fatehi and the 'Garmi Club!

The said track starts off with a stunning looking Nora Fatehi who is seated inside the car and when she steps out, she triggers a hand-held cannon, which results in everyone dancing to the track of Zaalim. And guess what! The ‘garmi’ obsession continues even here. These dancers are dancing to the said track along with Nora Fatehi while the background states ‘Garmi Club’! There enters the zippy Badshah who emerges from a car garage singing and grooving to the rap portion of the track.

The track 'Zaalim' song scores in terms of look and feel, but....

Overall, the song scores in terms of look and feel, although it offers no novelty. People have seen this kind of track many times in the recent past. But, thanks to the track, the music video looks appealing.

No sooner than the makers of the track launched the track ‘Zaalim’, the netizens took to the comments section and posted their take on the song. While one user wrote, ‘The music produced by Badshah in this song is fire’, there was another who wrote, ‘Nora & Badshah is hooot!!! This song is a banger to the beat, lyrics and catchy dance moves is fire and clap worthy’. Another user wrote, ‘This is gonna go 100% viral. Can't take the tune out of my head already’!

As for the said track, it’s the multi-talented Badshah who has taken care of the vocals along with Payal Dev. Besides that, he has even composed the music and has even penned the lyrics!

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