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Not Tom Cruise but Tom Hanks was the first choice for Jerry Maguire but here's what went wrong

Jerry Maguire released back in 1996 and become one of the most celebrated films of that decade. 

Not Tom Cruise but Tom Hanks was the first choice for Jerry Maguire but here's what went wrong
Tom Hanks Was The First Choice For Jerry Maguire

Last Updated: 02.00 PM, Jun 07, 2024


Tom Cruise has fast become an action star for the world, continuing to make the Mission Impossible movies and returning to the Top Gun franchise after over three decades. However, there was also a time when he periodically took breaks from risking his life hanging on airplanes, diving from cars, and testing the heights of cliffs. During those breaks, he ensured he took on movies where his charm was on full display, with stories that delved into intense emotions and human conflicts. One such movie is Jerry Maguire, where he starred as a sports agent. But what if we told you that the initial choice for the role was not Cruise, but Tom Hanks?

Tom Hanks In Jerry Maguire?

The world of casting has always provided some of the most interesting trivia. Jerry Maguire is one such movie that boasts one of the most fascinating casting facts. The movie, released in 1996, turned out to be a big success, even making a significant impact at the Oscars. It was nominated for all the major categories, including Best Actor, Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Film Editing, and it won Best Supporting Actor for Cuba Gooding Jr. But initially, the film was supposed to be a Tom Hanks vehicle. Read on to learn everything about this intriguing fact.

Tom Hanks From You've Got A Mail
Tom Hanks From You've Got A Mail

Director Cameron Crowe once revealed how he wrote the script of Jerry Maguire with Tom Hanks in mind and not Tom Cruise. He recalled how the scripting process took so long that Tom Hanks was no longer 35 years old, and that complicated things. “It was originally written for Tom Hanks,” Crowe explained to Empire magazine. “I took so long doing the script that Hanks was no longer a 35-year-old man. By the time he got it, he was almost 40, had two Academy Awards, and wanted to direct.”

Talking about Cruise, Crowe said, “My perception of him was kind of what you hear. A hardworking guy who’s totally driven. What I learned is that he’s also very thoughtful, sometimes an insecure guy, and he does kind of wonder what would happen if all this success disappeared—all that stuff, which I think attracted him to the script.”

About Jerry Maguire

The official synopsis for the film reads: When a sports agent has a moral epiphany and is fired for expressing it, he decides to put his new philosophy to the test as an independent agent with the only athlete who stays with him and his former colleague. The movie is now streaming on Sony LIV, and you can watch it with your OTTplay Premium subscription. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else from the world of streaming.

Tom Cruise In Jerry Maguire
Tom Cruise In Jerry Maguire
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