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November 2023, Week 2 OTT India releases: From BTS Yet to Come, Ghoomer, Label to Pippa, The Killer

In the second week of November 2023, many English, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, Korean, Tamil, Bengali, Hindi, German, Malayalam, and Marathi titles will be released on OTT.

November 2023, Week 2 OTT India releases: From BTS Yet to Come, Ghoomer, Label to Pippa, The Killer
BTS: Yet to Come; Ghoomer; Label; Pippa; The Killer

Last Updated: 06.20 PM, Nov 05, 2023


Explore a wide range of genres in the second week of November 2023 with the newest streaming titles. From the high-stakes 007: Road to a Million to the heartfelt sports drama Ghoomer and the compelling investigations in Akuma Kun, this week is sure to deliver a diverse array of entertaining options. Moreover, delve into the hilarious genius of Dina Hashem in Dark Little Whispers and explore the problematic realm of internet relationships in Escaping Twin Flames. Not just that, on Prime Video, from the historical battle drama Pippa to the LGBTQ+ love stories in Rainbow Rishta, do look interesting.

Learn about the titles releasing in the second week of November 2023 in detail below:


Title Type Language OTT Platform Release Date
007: Road to a Million Series English Prime Video November 10
Aatmapamphlet Film Marathi ZEE5 November 6
Akuma Kun Series Japanese Netflix November 9
At the Moment Series Mandarin Netflix November 10
BTS: Yet to Come Film Korean Prime Video November 9
Cyberbunker: The Criminal Underworld Film German Netflix November 8
Dina Hashem: Dark Little Whispers Series English Prime Video November 10
Escaping Twin Flames Series English Netflix November 8
Fame After Fame Series Spanish Netflix November 10
Ghoomer Film Hindi ZEE5 November 10
Irugapatru Film Tamil Netflix November 6
Label Series Tamil Disney+ Hotstar November 10
Parnashavarir Shaap Series Bengali hoichoi November 10
Pippa Film Hindi Prime Video November 10
Rainbow Rishta Film Hindi Prime Video November 7
Robbie Williams Series English Netflix November 8
The Billionaire, the Butler, and the Boyfriend Series French Netflix November 8
The Buccaneers Series English Apple TV+ November 8
The Claus Family Film English Netflix November 8
The Killer  Film English Netflix November 10
The Santa Clauses Season 2 Series English Disney+ Hotstar November 8
Valatty Film Malayalam Disney+ Hotstar November 7
Vigilante Series Korean Disney+ Hotstar November 8


007: Road to a Million - November 10 (Prime Video)

Nine pairs of regular people compete in a contest with Bond-themed tasks under the supervision of "The Controller" (Brian Cox). The participants are sent on a worldwide journey for the chance to win a one million-pound reward.

Aatmapamphlet - November 6 (ZEE5)

Ashish, age 10, is completely smitten with Srushti, a fellow student. As he develops, the country undergoes a number of political and economic shifts.

Akuma Kun - November 9 (Netflix)

Demon-raised Akuma Kun and his half-human colleague Mephisto III investigate murders and other supernatural mysteries as paranormal investigators.

At the Moment - November 10 (Netflix)

The stories in At the Moment take place in several cities around Taiwan and depict various love experiences that occurred there during the pandemic. The episode opens with a dating competition that serves as the catalyst for ten different romantic arcs.

BTS: Yet to Come - November 9 (Prime Video)

More than 50,000 people attended the free BTS concert that was filmed at Busan's World Expo in October.

Cyberbunker: The Criminal Underworld - November 8 (Netflix)

The unpredictable Xennt leads a group of strange Dutchmen who have arrived in a tranquil German resort town with the intention of seizing control of a sizable NATO bunker beneath the town. Xennt says Hamlet will have a bright future, but scepticism is growing. The residents of Traben-Trarbach wonder what Xennt wants as he unleashes an underworld beneath their feet.

Dina Hashem: Dark Little Whispers - November 10 (Prime Video)

In this groundbreaking hour of humour, first-generation Arab-American Dina talks about everything from death threats and existential crises to love issues, shy people, and her childhood in the United States.

Escaping Twin Flames - November 8 (Netflix)

Why not use the internet to locate your true love in this modern era? Enter Twin Flames Universe's Jeff and Shaleia, who provide online courses promising a happy marriage to your soul mate. Escaping Twin Flames is a three-part documentary series that sheds light on Twin Flames Universe, a controversial online community that preys on those yearning for love. The same production team behind Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult, which received an Emmy nomination, produced it. The series exposes the horrific tales of coercion and exploitation surrounding Twin Flames Universe, from inciting stalking conduct to changing gender identities, thanks to the special access it was granted to former members. Family members' heroic attempts to save their loved ones from Jeff and Shaleia's grasp are also chronicled in the series.

Fame After Fame - November 10 (Netflix)

Miami's streets have taken on the role of television sets. All the same characters you know and love—Belén Esteban, Kiko Matamoros, María Patiño, Lydia Lozano, Terelu Campos, Víctor Sandoval, Kiko Hernández, and Chelo García Cortés—are starting a new book. The staff of 'Sálvame,' which ran for 14 seasons, are the focus of this reality show as they go to the Americas in search of new employment.

Ghoomer - November 10 (ZEE5)

A tragic accident takes the right hand of budding batting sensation Anina moments before her international debut. An alcoholic ex-cricketer named Paddy saves her future by helping her learn to bowl.

Irugapatru - November 6 (Netflix)

Relationships are explored in depth in Irugapatru, as is the necessity of accepting one another's flaws in order to form a genuine bond.

Label - November 10 (Disney+ Hotstar)

When injustice is the only option, efforts to do right fail. Will a future judge be able to maintain his integrity while adopting a false persona?

Parnashavarir Shaap - November 10 (hoichoi)

Amiya, Mitul, Pallab, and Titas set out for Chamakpur at the beginning of the story, but a series of enigmatic events disrupt their otherwise perfect vacation. Niren Bhaduri, an occult expert, is consulted in a last-ditch effort to counteract the evil influence.

Pippa - November 10 (Prime Video)

In Pippa, we meet Captain Balram Singh Mehta of the 45th Cavalry Regiment of India, who, along with his brothers and sisters, participated in the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War on the eastern front. Taking its title from the Russian amphibious combat tank PT-76, which can be floated over water like an empty 'pippa' (tin) of ghee, the film chronicles Mehta's maturation as he risks all to prove himself in a war to free Bangladesh.

Rainbow Rishta - November 7 (Prime Video)

From transgender women on the dating scene to young lesbian couples trying to rent an apartment or long-term gay couples trying to figure out their relationship, Rainbow Rishta is a romantic documentary series that follows LGBTQ+ stories about finding and celebrating love across India. 

Robbie Williams - November 8 (Netflix)

The documentary series Robbie Williams spans four parts and up to 30 years of never-before-seen archival footage of the singer's life. Robbie looks back at his younger self and reflects on his life in the spotlight after 25 years of a record-breaking solo career.

The Billionaire, the Butler, and the Boyfriend - November 8 (Netflix)

The most wealthy woman in the world had a falling out with her own daughter; how did this become a national scandal? All the details are in this fascinating documentary.

The Buccaneers - November 8 (Apple TV+)

A group of vivacious young American girls burst into the tightly corseted London season of the 1870s, igniting an Anglo-American cultural clash as a refreshing disregard for centuries of tradition infiltrated the land of the stiff upper lip. Girls with money, men with power, new money, and old secrets—saying "I do" is only the start for the buccaneers, whose hearts are focused on much more than securing husbands and titles.

The Claus Family - November 8 (Netflix)

Jules Claus has accepted Christmas to the fullest, and his role as Santa is secure. He is travelling with his grandfather Noël in order to get ready for the most amazing Christmas ever. Everything goes well as Christmas approaches until Jules receives a letter with an odd request.

The Killer - November 10 (Netflix)

An assassin fights his employers and himself in a global pursuit for payback he claims isn't personal following a tragic near-miss.

The Santa Clauses Season 2 - November 8 (Disney+ Hotstar)

After his retirement plans were derailed in season one when he was unable to find a suitable replacement, the Calvin family has returned to the North Pole, where Scott continues to play Santa Claus. Scott focuses on preparing his son Calvin to ultimately take over the "family business" as Santa Claus now that he and his family have successfully saved Christmas.

Valatty - November 7 (Disney+ Hotstar)

Tomy and Amalu, two dogs whose owners disapprove of their relationship due to their different faiths, star in the touching love story Valatty. The canine couple runs into numerous difficulties on their way to the altar.

Vigilante - November 8 (Disney+ Hotstar)

By day, Kim Jiyong studies at the Police University, but by night, he becomes the Vigilante and personally punishes lawbreakers who manage to flee justice.

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