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OMG 2 director Amit Rai reveals big detail, not Yami Gautam but THIS actress was the first choice for the film | Exclusive

The Akshay Kumar-Pankaj Tripathi starrer OMG 2 is all set to enter the Rs 100-crore club soon.

OMG 2 director Amit Rai reveals big detail, not Yami Gautam but THIS actress was the first choice for the film | Exclusive
OMG 2: Yami Gautam

Last Updated: 12.30 AM, Aug 17, 2023


OMG 2 premiered in theaters on August 11 and since then, people have praised the film's plot and its important message on social media. The film stars Pankaj Tripathi, Akshay Kumar, and Yami Gautam. OMG 2, directed by Amit Rai, addresses the necessity for sex education in the Indian educational system, particularly in the curricula.

The director of the film, Amit Rai, recently revealed a big detail about the film when he was in an exclusive conversation with OTTplay. When asked if Akshay Kumar, Yami Gautam and Pankaj Tripathi were the initial cast members they had in mind, the director said the male leads were the same but before Yami they approached another actor who did not take up the role. 

Amit Rai said: "In my mind, there were initially two people right from the start, and I had decided that if these two individuals don't come together, we'll make some changes. But I was quite certain that these characters should be stars, and along with being stars, they should also be very good actors. At first, Vidya Balan came to my mind, but for some reason, she couldn't be reached."

"Then I was worried that even if Yami Gautam also declines, she might ask me about how much meat my character have or if I'll get typecast. But she told me one thing that I'm not doing this film just because you asked me to, but because this is a very important film. Later on, even if people offer me similar roles, I'll only take up this role because this message needs to be conveyed," he added.

OMG 2 is facing a tough competition with Sunny Deol's Gadar 2 at the box office and both the films are performing admirably and drawing a sizable following. Not everyone can see the movie with their family because it is A-rated.

The spiritual sequel to OMG (Oh My God!) is OMG 2. The controversial topic of sex education is the main emphasis of the movie. Akshay Kumar portrays Lord Shiva's messenger, and Pankaj Tripathi portrays a devout believer. Yami Gautam, on the other hand plays an advocate in the film. 

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