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One Day OTT release date – Here's when and where to watch the Ambika Mod-Leo Woodall romantic series

One Day, a TV adaptation of the titular novel by David Nicholl, is set to premiere before Valentine’s Day. Previously, it was made into a film, starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess.

One Day OTT release date – Here's when and where to watch the Ambika Mod-Leo Woodall romantic series
A still from One Day

Last Updated: 01.15 PM, Jan 21, 2024


Netflix has been running at top speed with its spontaneous adaptations one after another, from comic books to manga to picture books to rom coms. The result are projects like Sweet Home, Avatar, Orion and the Dark, and The Kissing Booth, among numerous others. One Day is also a series adaptation of the eponymous novel by David Nicholl, the first of its kind for this novel, starring Ambika Mod and Leo Woodall as the protagonists Amber and Dexter.

When will One Day stream on Netflix?

Helmed by four directors- Molly Manners, Luke Snelin, John Hardwick, and Kate Hewitt, the show will drop on OTT on February 8, 2024, with all 14 episodes being dropped at once. The viewers will have all liberty to binge through the show all at once, preferably while cuddling your special person. If not, do not worry, it will take our protagonists 20 years to actually end up together, you still have time.


What is the story of One Day?

The show’s premise is unique still, despite many new films and shows coming up with entire projects based around a single day or a single day being experienced in a loop over and over again. But not for One Day. The series prefers standing against the massive tides of time and space, determined to trace a single day in the lives of Emma and Dexter, July 15, against the onrush of two decades.

One Day centers around the lives of Emma and Dexter, who first met each other at their graduation party. Their first encounter doesn’t lead to much except sparking interest and attraction, and they go their separate ways. Now, over the years, we see how Emma and Dexter remain connected, stay friends, become lovers, fight, date other people, and fall for each other all over again, all on July 15 of every year.

Now, it is not possible for two people to be together all the time, especially if they are in a fight or not talking. But despite distance and silence sometimes separating them, they are not absent from one another’s mind or lives completely. That is the beauty of connection, it exists in spite of social media’s alienation effect and human follies.

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