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One year of Romancham: Here’s why this horror comedy is among the best Malayalam films of 2023

Romancham marks Jithu Madhavan's directorial debut. The horror comedy is available to stream on Disney+ Hotstar.

One year of Romancham: Here’s why this horror comedy is among the best Malayalam films of 2023

A still from Romancham

Last Updated: 07.53 PM, Feb 03, 2024


Many were taken aback by Romancham's success, particularly since it came at a time when Malayalis were looking for a compelling film amid a string of poorly performed and plotted films. Romancham became an unexpected hit at the box office, even though there was little promotion or discussion about the film before it opened in theatres. However, word-of-mouth brought in a large audience for the film.

This horror comedy, which marks Jithu Madhavan's directorial debut, is available to stream on Disney+ Hotstar. The screenplay has also been penned by the director himself. Here are some reasons why Romancham is one of the best Malayalam films of 2023 and how, a year after its theatrical debut, it continues to captivate viewers.


Intriguing plot

The story, which takes place in Bangalore, centres on seven young men who use a Ouija board out of boredom and the hilarious sequence of events that ensue. To pique the audience's interest, the director also disclosed that the movie is based on actual events. The movie explores its main goal of being an appealing horror comedy without any lag.

Subtle performances

Even though the movie featured fewer established actors, the performances still left the audience in awe. Every artiste has managed to give a nuanced and compelling performance without resorting to superfluous humour. In this movie, Arjun Ashokan's performance as Sinu Solomon likewise steals the show.

Inpromtu humour

Because of the dialogue's convincing delivery, the humour in this movie never gets outdated or seems out of place. The lighthearted experience of watching this movie is enhanced by spontaneous comedy. Romancham's characters all have peculiar qualities that make the audience laugh, which makes the film enjoyable to watch again and again.

Upbeat music

Sushin Shyam’s composition adds soul to this film, which creates an ideal backdrop for the characters' hilarious yet simple lives. The lively music and visualisation of all the soundtracks, but particularly those of Aadharanjali and Aathmave Poo, received a great deal of praise from the viewers.

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