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Palak Tiwari apologises to Orry in WhatsApp chat; sparks speculations

Palak Tiwari and Orry's shocking WhatsApp chat raises eyebrows. Here's what happened!

Palak Tiwari apologises to Orry in WhatsApp chat; sparks speculations
Orry-Palak Tiwari

Last Updated: 12.51 PM, Jan 02, 2024


Orhan Awatramani, aka Orry, recently created a stir on social media by playing around with his persona as "every celebrity's friend." He piqued internet users' curiosity with questions like, "What does he do to survive?" He keeps making headlines when spotted at various Bollywood events and posing with almost every actor in the industry. 

In a recent event, people on the internet are perplexed and unsure of whether things are alright between actress Palak Tiwari and social media sensation Orry after their WhatsApp chat was circulated on social media. 

Recently, Orry posted a screenshot of his WhatsApp conversation with Palak, in which the latter was seen apologising to him, on Instagram stories. Palak messaged Orry, “Orry, Palak here. If it’s an apology you want,” Orry replied to her with a middle-finger emoji. Palak then went on to write, “Out of respect for Sara. I’m saying it.” To this, Orry replied, “No, babe, I’m sorry. Either you apologize out of self-respect. Cause you don’t know how to talk.” Palak then replied, “I’ve said my apology.”

Due to Palak's link with Ibrahim Ali Khan, online users proceeded to interpret the Sara in the exchange as 'Sara Ali Khan.' 

In response, many Redditors speculated that it might be a publicity gimmick and that something big was probably in the works. Others criticised Orry, claiming that he had uploaded it recklessly since Palak's mother is a TV actress. The user wrote: “He casually posted this since it’s Palak whose mom is a television actress. I’m sure he had similar fights with Sara Ali Khan, Ananya Panday, etc, but he never posted anything negative about them on his official handle! That’s the difference.”

It is to be noted that this incident occurred at the same time as Palak is said to be dating Ibrahim Ali Khan, Sara Ali Khan's brother. The couple looked like it were arriving for a New Year's celebration when they were recently photographed theyby paparazzi. Saif Ali Khan's son was seen covering his face in a video where Palak is sitting beside him that went viral on social media.

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