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Parakramam teaser - The Bandi Saroj Kumar starrer has great visuals and is a hard-hitting drama

Parakramam is written, directed, has music, lyrics, editing and produced by the talented Bandi Saroj Kumar.

Parakramam teaser - The Bandi Saroj Kumar starrer has great visuals and is a hard-hitting drama


Last Updated: 10.06 PM, May 25, 2024


Bandi Saroj Kumar, who is known for the OTT original Mangalyam, has made headlines yet again. He has now directed a film titled Parakramam. The film's teaser was launched by Vishwak Sen. The film is a village drama with gritty visuals and has some realistic characters in lead roles.

The teaser showcases a serious atmosphere and has Bandi Saroj Kumar's mark all over it. Not many know that Bandi Saroj Kumar has already directed three films, all of which were flops. He has now once again directed this Parakramam and this time, things look quite decent.


Vishwak Sen, who launched the teaser, said that he loves Bandi Saroj Kumar more as an actor than a director. "I saw the trailer of Saroj's Nirbandhanam and loved it. I even sent him a message telling him that he has a bright future. Even with Parakramam, he has created his own world of his and the visuals showcase the same," said Vishwak Sen.

The film is set in a small town and has great emotional moments, as shown in the teaser. Speaking about the film, producer SKN said that he used to love Saroj's interviews and used to enquire who the person was. Now that he saw the teaser, SKN says, "The passion for filmmaking is visible in every frame of the film. I want people like Saroj to grow big in the industry, and I am sure hard work will always pay off.


Finally, Bandi Saroj Kumar said that he made the film with a lot of difficulty, and when the likes of Buchi Babu, Vishwak Sen, and SKN, like your promo, there is something really good that he has done with the film. "I am super excited as the film has come out quite well", ended Saroj Kumar.

The special aspect of Parakramam is that it has a story, screenplay, dialogues, editing, music, and lyrics by Bandi Saroj Kumar. It is rare that a person does so many crafts alone in a film. The makers will soon announce the release date of the film.

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