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Parineeti Chopra talks about her journey in the industry - 'Nepotism might not be real, favoritism is'

Amar Singh Chamkila actress Parineeti Chopra has shared her thoughts on the most-discussed topic of the Hindi film industry - Nepotism. 

Parineeti Chopra talks about her journey in the industry - 'Nepotism might not be real, favoritism is'
Parineeti Chopra

Last Updated: 01.36 AM, Apr 26, 2024


Parineeti Chopra is currently enjoying the success of her recently released film, Amar Singh Chamkila. The film, also starring Diljit Dosanjh in the lead role is directed by Imtiaz Ali and has been receiving a lot of appreciation from the critics and audiences. In a recent interview, Pari opened up about nepotism in the film industry. She says 'more than nepotism, there's favoritism' in the Hindi film industry.  

Parineeti Chopra reveals if being Priyanka Chopra's sister made it easy for her in the industry!

In a recent chat with Raj Shamani, Parineeti was asked if she couldn't reach YRF if her family was not involved in the industry. She replied, "A hundred percent. If my sister was not shooting in YRF at that time, that day, and if that day I hadn’t gotten an opportunity to go and meet the marketing head, mujhe woh marketing job kabhi milta hi nahi. It all leads to something or the other. I could only go to the film set because my sister is an actor."

Speaking about getting any unfair advantage of being someone who has Priyanka Chopra as her sister, Parineeti said, if she would get an advantage, her films would have worked. "I have a lot of films that did not work, I saw a really bad time", she added. 

She also spoke about how all the star kids or people who have contacts in the industry have a lot of pressure to deliver well because they are always compared with someone who has already made a name in the industry. So you either have to be an outsider and have your challenges and it’s difficult to survive or be a star kid where your firsts become easy but after that, their journey is their own because the audience will reject you if you are not working well. 

Speaking on nepotism, the actress said, “Nepotism might not be real, or real, favoritism is real. The work opportunities in the industry are created at lunches, parties, many times, so if you’re not a part of these events, you lose out on those work opportunities.”

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