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Pentagon Teaser: Cast members Rupesh Rajanna & Ashwini Gowda raise dispute, say the film misinterprets pro-Kannada activists

The actor/activist had a heated argument with Pentagon's director/producer Guru Deshpande during the teaser launch event

Pentagon Teaser: Cast members Rupesh Rajanna & Ashwini Gowda raise dispute, say the film misinterprets pro-Kannada activists
Rupesh Rajanna raises dissent against his own film, 'Pentagon'

Last Updated: 12.30 PM, Jan 20, 2023


Director-Producer Guru Deshpande's upcoming anthology film Pentagon has landed in trouble and, as it turns out, the film's own cast member has voiced the dissent. The makers of the film released the first teaser of the film which offers a peek into one of the five stories that are part of the anthology. The segment in question has been directed by Deshpande himself and stars Kishore of Kantara fame and Pruthvi Ambaar in the lead roles.

Guru Deshpande's short film in Pentagon tackles the controversial topic of regional identity with Kishore essaying the role of a fierce pro-Kannada activist, who heads a large organization dedicated to the cause. Pruthvi Ambaar, on the other hand, plays a character that is out to expose Kadamba Ramachandrappa (Kishore's character in the film) whom he believes to be a fringe element who is only using Kannada as a means for business. The teaser also reveals Kishore's character as a former underworld don who is currently using his organization to propagate his agenda and also satiate his hunger for power.

The film also discusses prevalent issues like the banning of non-Kannada films in Karnataka and how infamous organizations use their clout in doing so.


Things, however, took a dramatic turn at the recently held teaser-launch event when director Guru Deshpande was pulled up by his own cast member Rupesh Rajanna. Rajanna, who features in the film as one of the main members of the organization led by Kadamba Ramachandrappa, joined Deshpande on the stage during the launch to voice his dissent and allege that the film shows Kannada activists in a terrible light and that he finds no proper basis for the story.

Rupesh Rajanna is a well-known social activist himself who has been associated with several organizations/groups dedicated to the 'welfare of the Kannada people'. During the teaser launch event, he was joined by fellow activist/ Pentagon cast member Ashwini Gowda on the stage who, too, disagreed with Guru Deshpande's interpretation.

In response, Guru Deshpande stood his ground and said that he has taken creative liberty to discuss an issue that's both relevant and menacing. "Having spent so many years in Karnataka, I am inspired by several real-life people and the character in my film doesn't refer to any single person. And Pruthvi Ambaar, on the other hand, represents the people who question the methods employed by activists - the film doesn't go on to say that everyone is corrupt or that everybody is virtuous. It only discusses an important issue," said Guru Deshpande.

Pentagon's panel of directors also includes Raghu Shivamogga, Akash Srivatsa, Chandra Mohan and Kiran Kumar.

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