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EXCLUSIVE: People of Dewas come together and make a GIANT PORTRAIT of Sonu Sood with… RICE!

Read on to find out to know what they are planning to do with the rice post the unique event

EXCLUSIVE: People of Dewas come together and make a GIANT PORTRAIT of Sonu Sood with… RICE!
Sonu Sood Rice

Last Updated: 09.44 PM, Apr 09, 2023


When many of the people were sitting indoors due to the pandemic caused by the deadly Corona virus, besides the police, doctors and medical helpers, there was one man who dared to come out on the street and lend his helping hand to countless needy and the helpless. He was the Bollywood actor Sonu Sood. The irony about this man was that, even though he was the ‘reel-life villain’, he became a ‘real-life hero’ in the lives of many. Be it helping the migrants going back to their respective villages, providing the required medical facilities to the underprivileged, airlifting the needy and helpless, providing temporary housing, facilitating surgeries and medical procedures, providing scholarships to financially challenged students, supplying oxygen cylinders to hospitals to providing meals to an entire village…, Sonu Sood had ‘Been There, Done That’ and much, much more.

No wonder then, in such a short span of time, he got termed as the ‘Messiah of the masses’. Even though the pandemic is now over, there are many whose lives Sonu had touched, are still grateful to the ‘Dabangg’ actor. There have been many dedications which have been done as a token of gratitude towards Sonu Sood. But, what the people of Dewas (Madhya Pradesh) had done today will simply blow your mind. The people of Dewas came together and donated a whopping 2500 kgs of rice and made a gigantic portrait of Sonu Sood!

Speaking exclusively to OTTplay, Sonu Sood said, “It’s truly very encouraging to see the seamless love and affection that the fans shower upon. There have been many dedications in the past. But, this one ranks amongst as one that is truly special and extremely close to the heart. Who could ever think of making a gigantic portrait with rice and then, distributing the same to the poor and needy. The portrait has been made up of 2500 kgs of rice, which will be later donated to the needy. There were many people from Dewas (Madhya Pradesh) who came forward to donate the rice as they know that it will be going for a social, selfless and a noble cause. What is important here that I may point it is that, the volunteers of SCF had carefully collected the rice and kept it in a secured place. Each and every volunteer who had participated in this mammoth event strictly followed all the protocols of health and hygiene. The volunteers also ensured that the rice that they got were of good quality. The reason being, everyone knew that the rice which will be collected from here will be eventually distributed to the poor and needy. And that is why the volunteers were extremely careful about the quality and the hygiene of the rice which were being collected. The entire floor was neatly cleaned and thoroughly washed because that is where the rice was to be kept. The event was done in effective collaboration with the NGO called Helping Hands’. The whole thing was initiated by the artist named Bhavesh Namdev and his entire team”.

On his part, Bhavesh Namdev said, “I had always been interested in arts and portrait ever since my childhood. And when I got to be a part of a team who were to make a portrait of Sonu sir himself, what more could I ask for from God! It’s nothing less than a dream come true. What I feel good about the whole event is that, I was a part of the team who gave shape to an idea of Sonu Sir, who has been an extremely powerful source of inspiration to not just me, but to many people all over"

On the professional front, Sonu Sood is busy shooting for his upcoming ‘cyber-thriller’ ‘Fateh'.

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