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Perfect Match episodes 9-12 review: Honesty, BS and an impending wedding later, this series is the perfect entertainer

If you love some drama and a lot of steamy romance, Perfect Match has to be your perfect binge watch.

Perfect Match episodes 9-12 review: Honesty, BS and an impending wedding later, this series is the perfect entertainer
Perfect Match.

Last Updated: 09.11 PM, Mar 02, 2023



Various celebrities come together in search of their perfect match. Can they find that one person?


Drama never ends on Perfect Match. After Francesca, Chloe and Mitchell had a tough decision to make and here we are.

Francesca makes a revelation about Damian and he is unstoppable ever since! Thanks to that, Francesca falls for Damian again!

Damian starts the party that Too Hot To Handle was all about. In short, it took very little time for Perfect Match to turn into Too Hot to Handle.

Joey and Kariselle cannot stop flirting, even in the hot moment. Damian has a well-earned moment with Ines too but Francesca cannot keep up. Will mimicking Damian-Francesca is super hilarious!

Abbey, who is Francesca’s match, wonders what is going on. Welcome to her world, Abbey.

While Chloe tries to figure where she’s at with Mitchell, he being himself, jumps into the pool and calls it a party! However, the contrast in the situation is sure to make you feel like there’s a drama going to unfold and it will be huge!

Mitchell and Dom turn nemesis on the show, no wonder, thanks to Mitch. Not that Chloe has her mind set but he sure adds the unwanted drama.

Francesca and Abbey finally have a confrontation after the wild night. Awkward vibes! They both look in the opposite directions since. Francesca still flirts with Damian, while irking Ines and Abbey both.

Bartise, Calvin, Shayne and Zay can come back on the game. Since Shayne is on the list and Chloe is the one deciding, expect drama and drama there is. Diamond and Bartise are paired together. As expected, Chloe went for Shayne again. With that, Mitchell’s journey ends on the show.

When Ines and Bartise come face-to-face, things get awkward as hell, especially because she doesn’t even know if she has Damian by her side. Talk awkward and awkward happens! Chloe steps in alone and pretends to be unhappy, which is when Shayne walks in, bringing light into the room! Dom and Georgia cannot control their happiness, for sure.

Seeing Francesca so alone and not feeling the spark with his partner, Will pursues Francesca, till Abbey pulls them away. The moment of truth is here. Damian confessed he is still attracted to Francesca. With that, Ines’ journey comes to an end. Whether Damian’s does too, remains to be seen.

While Diamond and Bartise have been on a date, Abbey takes her chance too. As expected, Bartise and Shayne connect like bros. Bartise being Bartise, he pulls off a Bartise.

Diamond has a déjà vu moment on Perfect Match. She leaves on a sour note, once again.

Joey does more than be Kariselle’s guy. He comes between Damian and Will and it’s hilarious to watch that! Unfortunately, there’s an emotional moment soon after.

Bartise and Abbey’s compatibility becomes a topic of discussion, not only among them but between everyone else. When it comes to Francesca-Damian and Bartise-Abbey, there’s an idea thrown around that does not leave Bartise too happy, especially after ranking the lowest in compatibility.

Nick, Chloe, LC and Colony get an opportunity to come back on the show. Bartise and LC get matched. Abbey and Nick almost get locked in, when Kariselle tests her boo, Joey. LC, most known for getting rejected by Matt from Love Is Blind season 2, is back. Nick had his eyes for her since a long time and so, he’s back at taking the girl Bartise has been matched with. Unaware that Nick has eyes for her, LC is nervous about matching with someone. This is sure to get interesting. Of course, Joey is there where the drama is. Thankfully though, he walks out when the romance starts.

Before their journey comes to an end, Georgia makes an announcement for Dom. Chloe finally dedicates the rap to Shayne, making him blush so hard! There’s an unfortunate situation even here. The moment turns into something completely different but that’s not unusual when it comes to Shayne.

All the players who left Perfect Match are back! It means all the frenmity, past issues and more are back! They stir things up, for sure.

Damian makes the move nobody did. The results are also expected.

A new match is here and nobody saw it coming in the previous episodes. They happen to be the most fun couple, even when others give goals.

Almost all of them face the one major issue – long distance. One couple though, takes it to the next step.

The last day is a memorable one for sure and everyone is dressed for the occasion. Of course, Chase defends Bartise. He gets it back when he brings up Giorgia and Dom. In fact, Francesca draws attention to the one time when Chase was being nice to the ‘Perfect Match.’

Who is the Perfect Match though? You will definitely be surprised and pleased to find out!


Perfect Match has every ingredient blended well. You get the drama, romance, truth, smiles and a lot more with the latest episodes of Perfect Match. The show wraps up perfectly too. Do watch!

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