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Players trailer- The film is a fun, modern day romcom with Tom Ellis and themes of gaslighting, friendship

Players is one of Netflix's major upcoming movies with a title that one can mistake for a sports or heist film. But the movie is a take on the game of love, on different levels.

Players trailer- The film is a fun, modern day romcom with Tom Ellis and themes of gaslighting, friendship
A still from the trailer of Players

Last Updated: 07.02 PM, Jan 12, 2024


Director Trish Sie, of Step Up All In and Sleepover fame, is back with another fun film, but this time for Valentine’s Day. Players is written by Ozark scripter Whit Anderson. The film had initially been set for a fall 2023 release, but it was eventually postponed to 2024. Set to stream on Netflix on February 14, 2024, Players dropped its trailer recently.

The Trailer and plot of Players

The trailer features Gina Rodriguez and Damon Wayans Jr. as Mack and Adam, two best friends who deal with love like it's a game. Despite being a sportswriter with a good career, Mack has spent years concocting elaborate ‘plays’ or set-ups with her best friend and their crew of bosom buddies.


According to their respective desires or crushes, the individual is picked, and the game is set. From posing as broken-up couples to stalking to find out their bestie’s crush’s interests, Mack, Adam, and their group of friends do it all. But though the hookups work, love never blooms and things remain fun and free of responsibilities.

What brings change into the easygoing lives of the players of love?

However, things change when Tom Ellis’ Nick enters Mack’s life. If just being Tom Ellis is not attractive enough, the actor is blessed with the role of New York’s most eligible bachelor. Nick ignites a major need inside Mack: that of settling down and dating someone mature. She is 33 after all; how long will she toy around with people’s feelings like a teenager?

The main players of the upcoming film Players
The main players of the upcoming film Players

The film gifts viewers a full-length film featuring Tom Ellis

It is always a delight to see Tom Ellis and it is even more refreshing to hear his American accent, akin to his character Lucifer and not his devious twin Michael. As the love interest, Nick, he adds a classy yet sensual element that only Tom Ellis can inspire, without doing anything but sipping on a drink.

But the interesting bit of the trailer arrives after the game becomes too real. Love is about connection, not about the thrill of tricking a person into liking someone back and then hooking up with them for a one-night stand.

Other than Gina Rodriguez, Tom Ellis, and Damon Wayans Jr., Players also stars Augustus Prew as Brannagan, Joel Courtney as Little, and Liza Koshy as Ashley, comprising their loyal friend crew.

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