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Poacher Twitter review – Nimisha Sajayan, Roshan Matthew-starrer is 'a realistic series full of goosebumps'

Directed by Richie Mehta, the eight-episode series released on Amazon Prime Video today and X (formerly Twitter) is filled with glowing reviews for the Nimisha Sajayan and Roshan Matthew-starrer. 

Poacher Twitter review – Nimisha Sajayan, Roshan Matthew-starrer is 'a realistic series full of goosebumps'
A still from Poacher.

Last Updated: 03.28 PM, Feb 23, 2024


Based on ivory poaching in Kerala, the investigative thriller Poacher, helmed by Delhi Crime writer-director Richie Mehta, with Alia Bhatt as executive producer, premiered on Amazon Prime Video today. Headlined by Malayalam actors Nimisha Sajayan and Roshan Matthew, along with Dibyendu Bhattacharya, the wildlife crime series has been receiving praise from Twitterati. Read the positive X reviews garnered by this gripping series below. 

What Twitter users have to say about Poacher 

No sooner did Poacher release on Amazon Prime Video than many viewers took a liking to the latest original series. After watching the eight-part series, one user wrote on Twitter, ''Such a realistic series full of goosebumps...#PoacherOnPrime" 

Another added, "#Poacher neither minces words in condemning these self-seeking slaughterers nor leaves any stone unturned in highlighting the hard work put in by friends of the forest." 

Yet, another eager user commented on X, "Now watching #PoacherOnPrime." 

Riding the Poacher wave, a web series buff quipped, 'This time the voiceless will no longer be unheard, as the hunt for Poacher begins!' 

Appreciating the beautiful execution of a sensitive topic, a user quipped, "Imagine our country without elephants – like a canvas without colours, #PoacherOnPrime" 

What is Poacher about? 

The events portrayed in Poacher, a fictional dramatisation based on witness accounts and court records, took place in the forests of Kerala and Delhi. To expose the largest ivory poaching network in Indian history, the show honours the valiant efforts of Indian forest service employees, Wildlife Trust of India NGO workers, police constables, and good-hearted people who placed themselves in danger. 

To preserve the realism of the story, Poacher is mostly told in Malayalam, Hindi, and English, while using actual locations from Kerala and New Delhi. The first three episodes of the series were warmly appreciated by viewers when it debuted at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. 

Why Poacher is a must-watch series 

Like Delhi Crime, Richie's latest web series is based on real-life incidents, with Delhi and the Kerala forests being key backdrops. The show also develops into an investigative narrative that emphasises how important humans are to the animal realm. 

The plot of Poacher centres on how a group of Indian Forest Service officers, volunteers, NGO staff, and police officers risk their lives to find and capture some of the country's largest ivory poachers and prosecute them while also combating crime and corruption.  

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