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Carte Blanche OTT release - Watch how a high school teacher tackles hardship after being diagnosed with a medical condition

Carte Blanche OTT release: after a decade of its release, the Polish movie is coming on OTT platform in English

Carte Blanche OTT release - Watch how a high school teacher tackles hardship after being diagnosed with a medical condition

Carte Blanche

Last Updated: 06.22 PM, May 04, 2024


Released in 2015, Carte Blanche captured the hearts of audiences with its traumatic storyline, scoring a respectable 7 out of 10 rating on IMDb. The Polish-language movie follows the tale of a dedicated high school teacher named Kacper and his hardships after being diagnosed with a life-altering medical condition. Director Jacek Lusinski received the prestigious nomination for Best Film from the International Film Festival of India in the same year.

When and where to watch Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche stars Andrzej Chyra as Kacper, Eliza Rycembel as Klara, Arkadiusz Jakubik as Wiktor, Maciej Białek as Kacper’s neighbour, Tomasz Ziętek as Madejski, Andrzej Blumenfeld as Florczak, Urszula Grabowska as Ewa, Dorota Kolak as headmistress, and Maria Chwalibóg as Kacper's mother. Carte Blanche is finally releasing on CinemaWorld today, May 4, at 9 pm. Indian audiences can also watch the movie through OTTplay Premium.

Carte Blanche story

Carte Blanche tells a story about a highschool history teacher, Kacper. A cruel twist of fate brings him down when he gets diagnosed with a genetic disorder and begins to lose sight. Being fearful of losing his job and clinging to his dignity, Kacper embarks on a desperate attempt to keep his vision loss a secret to the school, his colleagues, and his loved ones.

The weight of secrets gets heavier day by day. Kacper has to deal with dual tensions: one is hiding his illness and second is ensuring his students’ success in their final exams. As Kacper navigates these challenges, he finds himself drawn towards Ewa, a fellow teacher at the same school. He also develops a beautiful connection with Klara, a troublemaking student who is also struggling with her own secrets.


Carte Blanche trailer

The trailer gives some glimpses of Kacper’s life, how he becomes close to his students, how he tries his best to understand their backstories and how he becomes the biggest support for them. One day, while playing pool, he struggles to point at the balls due to blurry vision. Kacper’s doctor tells him he's got a genetic disorder and he will lose his vision completely someday.

The video shows us how Kacper slowly gets distant from his loved ones and his favourite students. While struggling in his own head, he begins to ignore everyone. Kacper’s hardship and his everyday journey will surely make your heart wreck.

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