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Poornachandra Mysore and Radhika Narayan’s BB5 comes to Namma Flix

The 2017 thriller will be available on the Kannada OTT platform on May 5

Poornachandra Mysore and Radhika Narayan’s BB5 comes to Namma Flix
Poorna Mysore and Radhika Narayan in a still from the film

Last Updated: 11.04 PM, Apr 27, 2023


Six years ago, the Kannada film BB5, written and directed by Janardhan N, released in theatres. The film, which has Poornachandra Mysore, Radhika Narayan, Rajesh Nataranga, Rashmi Prabhakar and Giriraj BM on its cast, is about a filmmaker motivating an aspiring writer with an idea of manipulating him into creating a brilliant script.


A dark suspense thriller, the film received mixed reviews, with audiences liking the performances, but not so much the narrative of the story based on the film industry. The film was not available to stream so far, but starting next week, it will find a home on the Kannada OTT platform Namma Flix. Vijay Prakash, the CEO of Namma Flix, tells us that he chose to bring the film after all these years to the streamer because the content was good. This will be the world digital premiere of the film, which drops on the platform on May 5.

Earlier this month, the streamer had presented the Kannada dubbed version of the Telugu film Degree College, featuring Bigg Boss Kannada fame Divya Suresh and Varun. Some of the recent additions include KGF fame Archana Jois’ #Mute, Groufie, Harisha Vayassu 36.

Other films available on Namma Flix include 1980,, Matador, Inti Nimma Bhaira, Jiilka, Rewind, Paatra, Parimala Talkies, Aadhav, Consilium, Rebel Hudugaru, Jadaghatta, Kiladi Police, Octopus, Mounam, Kirathakaru, EEdhiga Bandha Suddhi, among many others. Namma Flix subscriptions are available at Rs 49 per month, Rs 99 for a quarter, Rs 199 half yearly and Rs 399 yearly.

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