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Por director Bejoy Nambiar is optimistic that the movie will have more shows soon; here’s why

Kalidas Jayaram and Arjun Das play lead roles in Bejoy Nambiar's Por.

Por director Bejoy Nambiar is optimistic that the movie will have more shows soon; here’s why
Bejoy Nambiar, Kaildas Jayaram and Sanjana Natarajan in Por

Last Updated: 11.09 AM, Mar 03, 2024


During a press conference in Kochi, filmmaker Bejoy Nambiar shared his hope that his most recent bilingual film, Por, will be shown in more theatres. He said that this movie is for a younger audience, as it is the kind of movie he always wanted to make.

Por is an action drama in a college setting. He claimed that despite having all the commercial components, it is grounded in reality, making the younger audience feel a connection to it. The movie's director went on to say that although there are currently fewer showings, he is optimistic that this will change in the days ahead.


Bejoy stated that the film's final single-shot scene was extremely difficult to film because it required the simultaneous use of two languages — Hindi and Tamil — and an extensive crowd.

He continued, "After every shot, the actors were switched, and sometimes we had to redo things several times." The director continued by explaining that these scenes were saved for the very end of the schedule to allow ample time for completion.

He went on to say that he exposes films to colour depending on what best serves the story. Bejoy added that he worked hard to change this response with Por because he had been receiving criticism for his films' lack of emphasis on female characters.

"My team consisted of two women writers who contributed to giving the female characters greater depth. The women we have met at our college have inspired the majority of them," he claimed.

Bejoy Nambiar’s second bilingual project

Solo, starring Dulquer Salman, was his first bilingual movie that was released in 2017. The Hindi web series Kaala (streaming on Disney+ Hotstar) and the Tamil project Sweet Kaaram Coffee (available on Amazon Prime Video) are the director's most recent productions. The story of Por takes place at Saint Martin University and centres around two men who are at odds with one another - Prabhu and Yuva.

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