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Pradhan shooting: An enormous snake makes a grand entry to the sets

Soham did a photoshoot holding the python

Pradhan shooting: An enormous snake makes a grand entry to the sets
Soham Chakraborty poses with the snake

Last Updated: 11.36 PM, Sep 15, 2023


A 15-foot-long python visited the hotel where Dev and Soham were staying in North Bengal while shooting Pradhan. It goes without saying that the snake created a ruckus in the unit. Actor Biswanath Basu was scared to touch the snake and clearly announced it by sharing a video on Instagram. But Soham Chakraborty was not afraid. He did a photo shoot holding the python. Soham shared the photo on social media and wrote that it was the main attraction of that morning. And all of this happened during the shooting of the film Pradhan. 

The shooting of Pradhan is going on by the Murti River in North Bengal. The python appeared in the morning in the hotel which was by the shooting spot. Biswanath said, “The experience is terrible. I never thought that I would come face to face with such a creature. Those who rescued the snake asked me to do a photoshoot with it. Soham asked me to hang the snake on my neck and take a photo. I was scared. It would not be possible for me. I saw it from a distance and thanked it for visiting us.”

A few days back, Dev stunned his fans in a cop's dress. His character's name was also revealed – Dipak Pradhan. He is playing a daredevil police officer in the film. He had to go through a rigorous exercise to play the role. Soham also did gym training for one month. 

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