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Exclusive! Prashmita Paul and Dipaayan Banerjee collaborate for the first time for gigs in the US

Prashmita Paul and Dipaayan Banerjee will perform in different states in the US throughout October during Durga Puja

Exclusive! Prashmita Paul and Dipaayan Banerjee collaborate for the first time for gigs in the US
Dipaayan Banerjee and Prashmita Paul

Last Updated: 01.39 PM, Jul 01, 2024


Travel is on the cards for Prashmita Paul this year. After tying the knot with Anupam Roy in March, the newlywed couple travelled for their honeymoon. Now, she is gearing up again for a trip to the US. However, this time, she will travel for music. Prashmita has teamed up with another musician Dipaayan Banerjee to perform at different states in the US throughout October. 

In October, Bengalis across the globe celebrate Durga Puja. Along with other gigs, Prashmita and Dipayan will perform at concerts hosted around this annual festival across the US, including in Atlanta, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Kentucky, Philadelphia, Albany, New York City, and other venues.

This will be the first time for Prasmita to travel to the US to perform. While talking to OTTplay, the musician said, “I got similar offers to perform in the US earlier also. However, I have a small band of musicians and I always wanted to travel along with my band members. This is the first time the entire band has been invited and we are delighted about it. Along with Prashmita – who delivered a number of hits including Sajna from the film Bojhe Na Shey Bojhe na, Dekhte Bou Bou and others, Anirban Sarkar, Subhadeep Saha, Mahesh Shukla and Ranit Das will also travel for the US concerts.

Prashmita has collaborated a number of times with musicians like Anindya Chattopadhyay, Upal Sengupta, and Shatadal Chatterjee. This is the first time she will team up with Dipaayan. Together, they plan to perform a mix of folk songs, ghazals, indie pop, and film music.

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Meanwhile, Dipaayan, who became a household name with a music reality show on television, has collaborated before with multiple musicians. Last year, he toured with musician Surangana Bandyopadhyay. Talking to OTTplay, he said that he met Prashmita at one of the ‘Roof Concerts’ at Upal’s terrace. “I heard her singing and really liked her music. I like collaborating. We have always been in touch and finally, I got a chance to collab with her because of this offer,” he said.     

Dipaayan further added that when they got the offer from the impresario Sougoto Chatterjee, they decided to team up. Prasmita said, “We recorded a music video together and sent it across to Sougato. He and his team liked our music and decided to perform together.”

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