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Prithviraj Sukumaran hints at Salaar 2 crossover link – KGF or NTR31?

Prithviraj Sukumaran who played Shiva Mannar, the founder of Khansaar in Salaar, has hinted at a cinematic crossover. What could it be?

Prithviraj Sukumaran hints at Salaar 2 crossover link – KGF or NTR31?
Prithviraj Sukumaran as Shiva Mannar in Salaar

Last Updated: 12.07 PM, May 08, 2024


Malayalam superstar Prithviraj will soon return to the set of Salaar 2: Shourangya Parvam, a film in which he plays Varada Raja Mannar. The actor also played Varada’s grandfather Shiva Mannar, a character that he says has a great story, which, interestingly, connects with another one of director Prashant Neel’s cinematic universes. Taking to social media, Prithviraj wrote that among all the stories that Prashant has told him, the one about Shiva Mannar is the “coolest”, hinting at an “unbelievable crossover” with another universe.

Before Salaar 1: Ceasefire came out, audiences were hopeful of a KGF crossover and of seeing Rocking Star as Rocky Bhai one more time. However, that was not to be. This new revelation by Prithviraj, though, has given them renewed hope. Salaar’s Shiva Mannar, who set up Khansaar as an autonomous monarchy during India’s independence died in 1985, 4 years after Rocky Bhai supposedly perished mid-sea.

Rocky Bhai’s CIA file of his crimes between 1978-1981 in 16 countries, is possibly the time when he discovered Khansaar and crosses paths with Shiva Mannar and that is, as of now, the most likely scenario for a Salaar-KGF crossover. Prithviraj meets Yash, and not Prabhas, when KGF: Chapter 3 gets done.

Here's what netizens think about the Salaar crossover

KGF is, of course, the fan favourite for a crossover since there is a reference in terms of the timeline both stories are set, but given that Prashant is set to work with NTR Jr that film also ranks high. 

However, given that Prashant Neel is also committed to a film with NTR Jr, some fans think that the connect could be with this as yet-unnamed project. That would depend on when Prashant gets down to making #NTR31. The buzz in industry circles is that as soon as Prithviraj is done with L2: Empuraan, the schedules of Salaar 2: Shouryanga Parvam will begin, ruling out the possibility of a Salaar-#NTR31 crossover.

Some actors associated with Salaar have hinted at a June start for some of them. It is said that during the making of Ceasefire, Prashant had shot portions, which are a part of Shouryanga Parvam and that significant chunk of the film is already done.

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