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Prithviraj Sukumaran: With Kaduva, I have now completed a trilogy on male ego

The Malayalam star was talking about how his upcoming release is different from Ayyappanum Koshiyum and Driving Licence

Prithviraj Sukumaran: With Kaduva, I have now completed a trilogy on male ego
Prithviraj Sukumaran in a still from Kaduva

Last Updated: 10.12 AM, Jun 26, 2022


A common theme from the last two out of the three theatrical releases of Prithviraj Sukumaran is the battle of egos between their central characters. If the clash was between a superstar and a motor vehicle inspector in Driving Licence, a retired havildar and sub inspector lock horns in Ayyappanum Koshiyum. His upcoming release Kaduva again has the protagonist – a rubber planter named Kaduvakunnel Kuruvachan – going against a police officer.

Talking about the similarities between the movies, Prithviraj, in a recent press meet at Hyderabad, said, “With Kaduva, I also keep saying I have completed a trilogy on male ego… at the core, it’s essentially an ego tussle between two macho men who refuse to give up till the very end. (But) Kaduva is a much more mainstream, commercial entertainer that take more cinematic liberties than Ayyappanum Koshiyum, which was a real, raw film.”

The actor, however, clarified that the similarities are only in the core theme as the stories and making of all the films are extremely different. “Kaduva is interesting because it starts off with the silliest of things that in the real world would have ended if one person would have apologised,” said Prithviraj. “But they don’t and it keeps escalating and the ego keeps growing, and it reaches a proportion where the state government and police machinery get involved. This narrated in a larger-than-life, commercial film language is Kaduva.”


On what he finds captivating about movies of this theme, the Jana Gana Mana actor explained, “The narrative of Kaduva is such that it makes you think that I am the hero and Vivek (Oberoi) is the villain. But if you watch the film and think he’s the hero and I am the villain, it still works. That’s what’s interesting about these films to me.”

Kaduva, directed by Shaji Kailas, is set to hit theatres on June 30. The movie, which will be released in five languages, also has Arjun Ashokan and Samyuktha Menon as part of the cast.

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