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Pulimada on OTT: 5 reasons you must stream the Joju George-Aishwarya Rajesh thriller

Directed by AK Sajan, Pulimada - starring Joju George and Aishwarya Rajesh - will be available on Netflix from November 23

Pulimada on OTT: 5 reasons you must stream the Joju George-Aishwarya Rajesh thriller
Pulimada has OTT release date

Last Updated: 01.30 PM, Nov 21, 2023


Joju George and Aishwarya Rajesh starrer Malayalam thriller film Pulimada, which hit the theatres on October 26, is now gearing up for its OTT release on Netflix. Directed by AK Sajan, the movie follows the story of Vincent Scaria (Joju), a 40-year-old police constable with a troubled past. As he prepares for his wedding, Vincent also needs to take care of his mother, who is battling mental illness. His world comes crashing down when his would-be bride (Aishwarya) elopes with her boyfriend. The plot unfolds through Vincent’s hallucinations, as he struggles with the cancellation of his wedding. 

Although Pulimada did not make huge numbers at the box office, the lead actors’ performances were received well by critics. As the film is set to be released on Netflix (on November 23), here are five reasons you must watch the psychological thriller on OTT.

1. Joju George shines as Vincent Scaria

Joju George delivers an outstanding performance as Vincent Scaria. Despite occasional limitations in his dialogues, George aptly portrays the nuances of Vincent’s character, bringing depth and originality to the role. His portrayal of a menacing middle-aged man overshadows the script’s shortcomings, making Pulimada a compelling watch.

A still from the teaser of Pulimada
A still from the teaser of Pulimada

2. Aishwarya Rajesh’s performance

While the character of Mahishmati may initially seem predictable, Aishwarya’s portrayal adds value to the film. Despite the somewhat monotonous nature of the character, Aishwarya remains true to her role, preventing Mahishmati from fading into the background. Her performance, coupled with that of Joju, contributes to the film’s balance in the character dynamics.

3. Unique way of exploring characters

Pulimada presents a unique style of storyline, which revolves around the lead character - Vincent Scaria. The story takes an interesting turn when Vincent’s desire for a partner leads to unexpected events, providing a fresh perspective on the character’s journey. The film explores his psychological fears, family history and social expectations, adding layers to the plot beyond the predictable set-up, making it a character-driven thriller.

4. Engaging cinematography

Despite the script challenges, the film boasts technical brilliance, particularly in cinematography and art direction. Cinematographer Venu Isc aptly captures the essence of the story and the landscape, creating a visually engaging experience. Jithu Sebastian’s art direction also effectively captures the spirit of the settings, contributing to the film’s overall aesthetic appeal. The technical aspect of the film makes it a worthy film to watch.

Venu and the poster of Pulimada
Venu and the poster of Pulimada

5. Engaging scenes and moments

Despite some faults in the screenplay, Pulimada features engaging moments that push the plot forward. The film takes viewers on a journey through the complexities of Vincent’s life, touching upon the themes of love, companionship and social expectations. The dynamic changes in the narrative, particularly after the certain incidents, contribute to a captivating second half. The effective portrayal of the film’s essence onto the screen by the cinematographer and art director ensures that viewers remain engaged throughout the film.

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