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Punch trailer- British slasher Mr. Punch knows the ‘right way to do it’ aka kill people

Inspired by traditional British puppet show Punch and Judy, known for their slapstick humor and violence, comes a new slasher film, Punch. Directed by Andy Edwards, it releases in the US next year.

Punch trailer- British slasher Mr. Punch knows the ‘right way to do it’ aka kill people
A still from the trailer of Punch

Last Updated: 12.32 AM, Dec 16, 2023


Horror is the current trending genre in films. From Megan to Evil Dead Rise to Saw X, different shades of horror, both anthropological and supernatural, is what currently tickles the cinematic tastebuds of viewers, and Punch is no exception. A peppy British slasher horror, with a unique spin on the classic puppets Punch and Judy.

Directed by Midnight Peepshow’s Andy Edwards, the film stars fresh blood Alina Allison, Macaulay Cooper, and Faye Campbell as Frankie, Daryl, and Holly, respectively. The film also stars Kierston Wareing, Jamie Lomas, Daniel Fathers, Sarah Alexandra Marks, Marc Sears, and Marc Outbreak in prominent roles.


The film dropped a movie clip as the UK trailer, in July 2023 for this year’s FrightFest, of which it was an official selection and premiered on August 24. Punch will be having its US, Digital, and VOD release in January 2024, though the OTT platform has not been disclosed yet. Another trailer was dropped yesterday for the second release, and it offers a deeper, eerie look at Britain’s new slasher.

Though it cursorily traces the plot, the new trailer also offers a montage of shots and passing glimpses of scenes where Frankie and her friends try to escape the club-swinging urban myth. Punch’s trailer follows the story of Uni student Frankie who decides to go on a night out with her friends in her hometown, before heading back to school.

However, unknown to her, the town’s phantom slasher, Mr. Punch has been keeping an eye on her, he does it for all girls who sneak out at night or are naughty or overtly promiscuous. Chock full of toxic masculinity and insanity, he prefers speaking in a squeaky, creepy voice that mimics the eponymous puppet, and laughs insanely while chasing his prey.

The trailer then offers a brief taste of the thrill and chase yet to come, with the trailer ending with a cackling Mr. Punch swinging his club at his victim, while claiming it to be the “right way to do it” aka teach girls a lesson by bashing their heads in. In an interview with Starburst magazine in 2022, director Andy Edwards had confirmed that just like the famous American slashers Freddie Kreuger, Michael Myers, Jason, and so on, he too “wanted to create an iconic slasher killer that was uniquely British.”

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