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Queen of Tears teaser – Catch Kim Ji Won as the ‘queen’ who makes her husband Kim Soo Hyun only cry in this fun romantic comedy

Queen of Tears is an upcoming K-drama on Netflix that is going to set hearts aflame with its angsty yet humorous premise, of a social hierarchy love story. 

Queen of Tears teaser – Catch Kim Ji Won as the ‘queen’ who makes her husband Kim Soo Hyun only cry in this fun romantic comedy
A still from Queen of Tears

Last Updated: 03.03 PM, Feb 19, 2024


Netflix is getting ready to add another Korean drama gem to its jeweled crown. Queen of Tears, directed by Jang Young Woo and Kim Hee Won, had its screenplay written by the renowned writer Park Ji Eun, and will be premiering on Netflix next month.

Release date and teaser trailer of Queen of Tears

Releasing March 9 onward on Netflix, Queen of Tears dropped a teaser today. The K-drama showed a hilarious clip that featured the real struggle of marriage in the current generation. Starring the talented likes of Kim Ji Won as Hong Hae In, the eponymous chaebol queen, and Kim Soo Hyun as Baek Hyun Woo, her husband-cum-employee.


Contents of the teaser and plot of Queen of Tears

Queen of Tears follows the story of Hong Hae In, a third-generation chaebol and director of her family conglomerate business Queens Department Store, and Baek Hyun Woo, a lowly employee who later becomes the legal director of Queens Group after marriage.

The unlikely pair fall in love and have a relationship that ends in what’s termed the ‘marriage of the century’. But as reality has shown, marriage is not a smooth ride; instead, it is more of a hand swing where lack of equal efforts from both partners creates frustration, jostling, and conflicts.

At the very beginning of the teaser, Hong Hae promises her lover that she will never make him cry. But as the honeymoon period of their marriage fades and life creeps in, cracks start developing and distance grows between the two, with Baek Hyun desperately trying to fill it, but Hong Hae appearing cold and distant.

Even on their anniversary, while Baek Hyun is ready to celebrate, bringing a beautiful bouquet for his wife, all she does is coldly ask about the significance. Frustrated, hurt beyond measure, Baek Hyun puts up with it for a long time.

Weeping to himself in his weak moments, he finally decides to divorce her. Now whether the couple will be able to recall their happy days and fall in love with each other again, or separate forever, is to be seen March 9 onwards.

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