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R. Chandru confirms Kabzaa 2 is in the making; this is how netizens responded

R. Chandru took to social media to share the first official poster of Kabzaa 2

R. Chandru confirms Kabzaa 2 is in the making; this is how netizens responded
R. Chandru confirms Kabzaa 2

Last Updated: 07.57 PM, Apr 14, 2023


Well, April 14 has turned out to be a momentous day for Kannada cinema as two major updates arrive back-to-back. Earlier today, the makers of the KGF franchise, Hombale Films, released a special tribute video to mark the first anniversary of the theatrical release of KGF 2 and cheekily announced that KGF 3 is well on the cards. Hombale refrained from making a proper announcement and are yet to disclose when the third instalment will get underway, but fans are nothing but ecstatic about the prospects.

In the same vein came another major announcement from the end of R. Chandru. Kabzaa, Chandru's latest directorial, completes 25 days of its theatrical run on April 14 and the same day happens to be the film's OTT debut on Amazon Prime Video. The big announcement, however, turned out to be that Kabzaa 2, the sequel, is now officially confirmed and R. Chandru shared the first poster of the film earlier today on April 14. 

The poster announces the big war that is in the offing in the sequel with three major superstars Upendra, Sudeep and Shiva Rajkumar embroiled in a standoff of a kind. The concluding moments of Kabzaa reveal that Sudeep's cop character of Bhargava Bakshi has declared war on Upendra's ganglord character Arkeshwara. Just when things are about to kick off, Shiva Rajkumar joins the party to make things more interesting. Will he be on either side or be the third entity of this rumble? That is what Kabzaa 2 is most likely all about.

A major update of this kind is normally met with incredible reception on social media but considering how Kabzaa was panned by both audience and critics, netizens weren't one bit pleased with the official announcement regarding Kabzaa 2. "If you have the money, why not give it to me instead," said one user in his attempt to stop R. Chandru from proceeding. "On #KGF2 anniversary day 馃ぃJust can't get out of KGF's shadows," said another user, alluding to Chandru's obsession with the KGF franchise. A few of them added that they are yet to watch the first part.

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