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Rahool Mukherjee on Solanki Roy’s allegations: I am not sorry for what I said | Exclusive

The director alleged what Solanki did was unethical and unprofessional 

Rahool Mukherjee on Solanki Roy’s allegations: I am not sorry for what I said | Exclusive
Rahool Mukherjee and Solanki Roy

Last Updated: 09.10 PM, Jun 07, 2023


The shooting of Rahool Mukherjee’s debut web series C/O Chowdhury Bari has started. However, controversy plagued the project as actress Solanki Roy alleged that the director misbehaved with her and her manager. While she is out of the project, another television actress Srijla Guha is in and started the shooting. Meanwhile, Rahool talked to OTTplay and explained his side of the controversy. 

In a chat with us, the director clearly stated that he is not sorry for what he said. “Solanki and I used to be friends and I fought hard to take her in the series. However, she has let me down. My words are misconstrued and what she did to the project is unethical and unprofessional,” he said. 

Elaborating on the issue, Rahool said that Solanki initially agreed to the project and then backed off due to her television commitment. “After her television work got over and asked if the project was on. I said yes and she said to count her in. She quoted a remuneration. That was too high. We negotiated and fixed a smaller amount. It was not a 20-day-long schedule. We planned to take her date for 11-12 days. The manager understood it, said, ‘ok done’, and left. Solanki attended workshops and came for the look test. She got her agreement and she did not utter a word. The look test day was fun. She, in fact, went out costume shopping with the stylist. Things went awry when she did not come for a workshop with Satyam. When I called, she said that the money we quoted was too low. It was just a few days before the shooting. I tried to have a rational conversation that her manager saw the amount and she was given an agreement days ago. But she was hellbent and finally, she asked 1for an obnoxious amount as her remuneration for the project. It was just two days before the shooting and it was uncalled for,” said the director. 

Talking about the threats of not letting her work in ‘SVF’ and Dev Entertainment, Rahool said that he was misconstrued. “I said I would not work with her ever in my life. No matter which production house I work with, she wouldn’t be there. I can’t talk on others' (or any production house’s) behalf. I will never work with her. By the end, her manager was supposed to come and meet me one day in the office. I waited for him till 10 pm and then he called and said that he wasn’t coming. That day I lost my cool. I have been working in the industry for a long time and I have a very good relationship with everyone. I really like Solanki as an actress and that’s why I insisted casting on her. Hoichoi wasn’t sure since earlier she backed off from Noshtoneer at the last moment. I really put my foot down to cast her. And now everyone is laughing at me. I was humiliated because of her,” said the director.  

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