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Rahul reveals his Puja plans with Priyanka Sarkar and Shohoj

They will do the pandal hopping together.

Rahul reveals his Puja plans with Priyanka Sarkar and Shohoj
Rahul, Priyanka and Shohoj

Last Updated: 02.08 AM, Oct 07, 2023


The news of Rahul Arunodoy Banerjee and Priyanka Sarkar patching up came a few months back. They claimed that they decided to rekindle for the sake of their son, Shohoj. Shohoj used to stay with his mother and sometimes met his father. But this year is different. They will do the pandal hopping together. 

What did Rahul plan for Shohoj and Priyanka? Rahul is busy with films, serials, and web series. He got his family back. It can be said that this is a new start in his life. They also did the puja shopping together. What did he buy for Shohoj and Priyanka? 

In an interview with Anandabazar Online, Rahul said, “I will go outside the city for jatra but will come back the same day. Shohoj, Priyanka, my mother, and I will go for dinner. The city becomes attractive during puja nights. We will do a night tour. Before that, I will take Shohoj to seek blessing from the para thakur. My father also did the same.” 

Rahul has his serial going on. Priyanka is busy with her films and TVC projects. Her web series, Indranil Roychowdhury’s Chhotolok, will be released soon after Durga Puja. Rahul said, “We went shopping. We mainly bought things for our son. We also bought sarees and shoes for my mother.” What did he buy for Priyanka? Rahul said, “My designer friend made a puja dress for Priyanka. I, too, will wear clothes made by my friends.” 

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