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Raj and Subhashree engage in social media banter

Subhashree took a Q&A session after the release of Indubala Bhaater Hotel part 2

Raj and Subhashree engage in social media banter
Raj and Subhashree

Last Updated: 01.46 AM, Apr 03, 2023


One of them stays behind the camera and the other one stays in front of it. But their partnership is indomitable. They are a power couple in Tollywood. Fans like their films and social media posts. They are Raj Chakraborty and Subhasree Ganguly. Both of them share glimpses of their personal life on social media. However, one of her hidden talents was discovered in a recent Q&A session. 

It was Raj Chakraborty’s birthday a few days back. There was a buzz on social media on this day regarding a photo, where Raj was seen kissing his wife. Many fans found a couple-goal in their sizzling chemistry and loved the picture. However, some people also criticized it. Subhasree then commented, “Nowadays Raj and I kiss each other every minute.” 

A few days back, Subhashree’s OTT debut Indubala Bhater Hotel was released, and a Q&A session took place on this occasion. Subhasree was asked two questions. The first one was: what does she see in a person? She answered, ‘feelings’. The second question was what was the last film that she watched, and she answered Indubala Bhater Hotel. She asked everyone to watch the series. 

Finally, the last question she was asked was: what is her hidden talent? Subhasree, instead of directly answering, passed it to her husband. Raj answered, “What hidden talent? I do not know.” Subhasree shared this on social media, and many people commented. Someone wrote: “Your hidden talent is you laugh out so loud that it can be heard at five kilometers of distance.” 

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