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Rajinikanth becomes emotional reflecting on his health ordeal: 'I owe my life to medical community'

Superstar Rajinikanth shared insights into his challenging health journey, highlighting the pivotal role of his medical team in safeguarding his well-being.

Rajinikanth becomes emotional reflecting on his health ordeal: 'I owe my life to medical community'

Rajinikanth at Lal Salaam audio release event.

Last Updated: 06.57 PM, Mar 20, 2024


Superstar Rajinikanth recently opened up about his harrowing health experience , emphasizing the critical role played by his medical team in ensuring his well-being. Speaking candidly about his ordeal, Rajinikanth revealed the sequence of events leading up to his emergency surgery a few years ago.

Rajinikanth attended the inauguration of a new hospital facility as a token of appreciation for saving his life. He recalled that he had stopped participating in the opening of new businesses as it led to unwanted speculations. However, he revealed that he made an exception for this event, stating, "I owe my life to the medical community."

Rajinikanth's health journey

"My health had deteriorated. My wife called our doctors, who understood the urgency and came home at once. I was not aware of the seriousness of my condition at the time. As soon as they saw me, they didn't even wait for the ambulance. They took me along with them in their car and reached the hospital in Alwarpet in 10 minutes," shared Rajinikanth.

Rajinikanth recalled that his condition was more serious than initially thought, and the doctors had advised him to undergo an emergency surgery immediately. "My family was reluctant at first. They even considered getting a second opinion or going abroad for further treatment," he said.


However, Rajinikanth's doctor and numerous well-wishers reassured him of the expertise of his medical team. Yet, his relief was short-lived as the surgeon who was about to operate on him gave his busy mind something to chew on.

Rajinikanth's medical miracle

Before the surgery, Rajinikanth was informed about the potential risks. "The surgeon came to me and informed me that 99 per cent he can assure me of safety but, there is always that 1 per cent risk. It's like building a big luxury house with all the facilities you need but warning you about a snake in it. I was obsessed with just 1 per cent risk till I was put under anaesthesia. And when I woke up, the doctors sitting there gave me a big thumbs up saying the operation was a success," he recounted with relief and even became a tad bit emotional.

Rajinikanth had suffered from a chronic kidney condition a few years ago, requiring him to undergo treatment in various hospitals across the world. He also underwent a kidney transplantation, enabling him to overcome the life-threatening illness.

On the career front, Rajinikanth is busy shooting for Vettaiyan.

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