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Rajkummar Rao gives an update on Stree 2: Team is being careful with the writing; it's a huge responsibility

Rajkummar Rao had a special appearance in Bhediya.

Rajkummar Rao gives an update on Stree 2: Team is being careful with the writing; it's a huge responsibility
Rajkummar Rao in a still from Stree

Last Updated: 09.49 AM, Jan 23, 2023


The first month of 2023 has been a mix of something new and something old for Rajkummar Rao. While making his first music video, Achha Sila Diya, the actor is getting ready to go back to the well-known world of Stree 2.

It's difficult to produce a sequel to a popular movie like Stree (2018). Rao acknowledges this as he tells Mid Day that they are currently writing and want to start shooting soon. Given that the writing carries a great deal of responsibility, the team is being cautious.

In 2022, Rao's success at the box office was like Bollywood, which didn't have many big-screen hits. In contrast to his OTT offering, Monica, O My Darling, the actor's two theatrical productions, Badhaai Do and HIT: The First Case, did not make a lot of noise in the market. Rao emphasises that the story is what matters, not the medium, as the gap between the thrill of the large screen and the personal experience of the digital platforms widens.

He doesn't base his movie selection on the format. The actor also doesn't choose which movies to make for OTT or the big screen. He asked people to stop classifying movies in that way. Making movies is where the excitement is for Rao. The actor is sure a lot of people would call Newton (2017) an OTT movie if it were made today. But in theatres, it was a huge success.

He has learned some crucial things over the past year. He thinks a different release date for Badhaai Do would have been advantageous. Although Badhaai Do wasn't a huge hit, it also wasn't a huge flop. Rao is certain that it would have performed much better if it had been released a little later.

Despite this, the actor is grateful for the year that has passed. His conviction that a movie needs to have the ideal balance of content and business has only been enhanced by it. Rao added that he only works on stories that he firmly believes in. He is trying to improve as an actor, and there is nothing to be concerned about as long as the economics of one's movie are sound. All they know is that a movie needs to be made on time, on budget, and with the utmost seriousness.

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