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Ram Gopal Varma compares Prabhas’ Adipurush with Teja Sajja’s Hanu-Man, shares - ‘Filmmakers don’t know what goes into doing VFX, they just…’

Ram Gopal Varma criticised the VFX quality of Adipurush, while comparing it with Hanu-Man. Reveals why Hanu-Man achieved more success with a low-budget’

Ram Gopal Varma compares Prabhas’ Adipurush with Teja Sajja’s Hanu-Man, shares - ‘Filmmakers don’t know what goes into doing VFX, they just…’

Adipurush, Ram Gopal Varma, Hanu-Man

Last Updated: 12.34 AM, Apr 21, 2024


Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, who is mostly famous for his works on dark, thriller and social injustice like Rangeela (1995), Satya (1998), Sarkar (2006), Aag (2007), and more, recently shared his opinion on the immense usage of VFX and CGI in films nowadays. He expressed his extreme concern about this trend in the Indian film industry. One thing he observed is that mostly big-budget films are opting for extensive visual effects, which is making the budget rise more and more, but ultimately not earning the same amount at the box office.

Ram Gopal Varma takes a dig at high-budget VFX companies

Varma shared that these days filmmakers think that the higher-priced the companies are, the more they will deliver superior results. While recalling a conversation with a big filmmaker, he said that the filmmaker once asked him for some suggestions of good VFX companies. Despite being totally unaware of the consequences of VFX, that filmmaker opted for the most expensive one, which cost him Rs.35 crore.


The Vyooham-director further continued on the topic by comparing Prabhas’ Adipurush (2023) and Teja Sajja's Hanu-Man (2024). To make his point of view more clear, he stated that despite being such a high-budget film with high-quality VFX, Adipurush badly failed at the box office. It couldn't even make half of its budget. In contrast, Hanu-Man was made on such a low-budget and still made Rs.330 crore at the box office.

He further points out that although Hanu-Man director Prashanth Varma revealed that the film was made with a budget of Rs.40 crore, he suspects the film was made on much less money. For the unversed, Adipurush has a budget of Rs.500-700 crore, and it made Rs.393 crore at the box office.

Stories of Hanu-Man and Adipurush

While Hanu-Man tells a story about an ordinary man Arthur, who stumbles into the world of supernatural powers. Although he's overjoyed, he's totally confused. But in this weird world, he's not alone. He has to face off against a devilish soul, who wants to destroy their beliefs, Adipurush gives a modern touch to the Indian heritage, Ramayana.

You can watch Hanu-Man on Disney+ Hotstar, ZEE5, JioCinema, and also through OTTplay Premium, and watch Adipurush on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video now.

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