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Randeep Hooda calls out Kangana Ranaut's 'unbecoming' behaviour towards Alia Bhatt; timeline of the feud

Randeep Hooda highlighted his 'spiritual bond' with Alia Bhatt and condemned Kangana Ranaut's remarks in a show of solidarity.

Randeep Hooda calls out Kangana Ranaut's 'unbecoming' behaviour towards Alia Bhatt; timeline of the feud
Randeep Hooda; Alia Bhatt; Kangana Ranaut/Instagram

Last Updated: 11.09 AM, Apr 03, 2024


Kangana Ranaut has consistently criticised her fellow Bollywood celebrities and elevated herself above them over the years. Her recent statement about being the last superstar with Shah Rukh Khan also received flak from netizens. However, the journey of bashing other actors has been going on for more than five years. Kangana had earlier criticised Alia Bhatt by calling her a mediocre actor, and it was Randeep Hooda who defended his co-star in Highway

Randeep Hooda defends Alia Bhatt

Siddharth Kannan questioned the Veer Savarkar actor about the time he stood up for Alia after Kangana called her an "average" actor in an open discussion. So, without further ado, the actor revealed that he had a spiritual bond with her throughout filming Highway and spoke about how he witnessed her constantly pushing herself to try new things. Therefore, he believed the treatment she received was unfair. Also, by saying it's unbecoming of her to pick on co-actors, he seemed to be taking a shot at Kangana.


Randeep recounted how Alia and he formed a spiritual connection during Highway, although he has no idea how she feels about it as it's her decision and his opinions are all his own. The actor shared that Alia has always been one to try new things, at least that he can tell. He honestly stood up for her when she faced unfair targeting. Even if Randeep believes Kangana gained a lot from this field, it is impeccably rude to attack fellow performers, coworkers, or fraternity members because of what she believes she did not receive. He did it because he thought it was the right thing to do.

Kangana Ranaut's criticism of Alia Bhatt's performance

In 2019, Kangana made fun of Alia's performance in Gully Boy, which had just come out. She confessed that she was embarrassed, adding, "What is there to beat in Gully Boy performance—the same snappy muh phat girl? Bollywood’s idea of a fiery girl, woman empowerment, and good acting—spare me this embarrassment, please. Media has taken filmy kids love too far... Stop pampering mediocre work, or else the bar will never be raised."

In response to Kangana's statement, Alia quickly shared her father's opinion that she certainly doesn't possess the capacity to converse as openly as the Queen actor does. For that reason, Alia has the utmost regard for her, while also saying that perhaps, to some extent, she is correct. Occasionally, they do withhold, and according to her dad, Mahesh Bhatt, there are enough people with opinions; they only need one fewer. She will, therefore, remain silent regarding her opinion. Alia concluded by praising Kangana, saying that she speaks really well, so props to her.

Randeep Hooda's support for Alia Bhatt on social media

When Alia responded sassily to Kangana, Randeep once again stood by her side. He had posted, "Dearest @aliaa08 I’m so glad you are not letting the opinions of very occasional actors and chronic victims affect you and your work. Kudos to you for your continued efforts to outdo yourself. (sic)"

Alia was grateful for his encouragement and quote tweeted his post by writing, "Randy," as she fondly calls him, and a series of hug emojis.

Well, we have to wait and watch if Kangana will once again open the matter and respond to Randeep's statements.

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