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Ranveer Singh hopes to give Don 3 his ‘spin and interpretation’; here’s why

Ranveer Singh, who recently received a special honour at the Red Sea International Film Festival 2023, has expressed how he feels about being part of the Don franchise.

Ranveer Singh hopes to give Don 3 his ‘spin and interpretation’; here’s why

Ranveer Singh at a film festival in Saudi Arabia. 

Last Updated: 10.32 AM, Dec 01, 2023


When it was announced that Ranveer Singh would lead the Don franchise with Don 3 in the making, not many social media users were happy to know about it. The Don franchise – in which iconic actors namely Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan delivered blockbusters in the past, will now bank upon 38-year-old Ranveer Singh’s credibility as an actor. Last evening, he spoke in-depth about why he decided to sign up for the film and the skepticism surrounding it.

Ranveer Singh speaks about Don 3 at the Red Sea International Film Festival

Speaking to Deadline at the outskirts of the Red Sea International Film Festival in Saudi Arabia last evening, Ranveer Singh asserted that he is putting his best foot forward in Don 3 despite the tensions surrounding it.


Ranveer Singh said, “I am hoping to make Don my own and give it my spin and interpretation. It is the handing over of the baton in one of our most loved and revered franchises of the Hindi cinema. The significance of it has not been lost. When the announcement was made, as expected, it came with its share of skepticism. But throughout the history of cinema, this (skepticism) has happened. This is natural.”

“The significance of taking the baton forward in this franchise and continuing the legacy of two of our greatest superstars forward is not lost on me. I will give it my best shot and you will see the best of me. I will put my best foot forward, undoubtedly,” the 38-year-old actor wrapped up the conversation.

Don 3 Title Announcement

In August this year, Excel Entertainment – the official production house of Don 3, confirmed Ranveer Singh as the lead actor in the film. Dropping a confirmation of the same, the production house shared a video online in which Ranveer could be seen delivering an iconic dialogue from the franchise. He said, “Sher jo so raha hai woh jaagega kab? Poochte hain yeh sab. Unse keh do ki phir jaag utha hoon main, aur phir saamne jald aane ko (When will the sleeping lion wake up? Everybody wants to know. Tell them, I am here.)”

The release date of this film is not known yet.

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