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Rare moment: Ankita Lokhande bonds, laughs out loud with Vicky Jain’s mother courtesy Bigg Boss 17

Netizens have often tried to decipher that Vicky Jain's mother does not Ankita Lokhande at all

Rare moment: Ankita Lokhande bonds, laughs out loud with Vicky Jain’s mother courtesy Bigg Boss 17
Ankita Lokhande-Vicky Jain

Last Updated: 10.38 PM, Jan 08, 2024


It is family week on Bigg Boss 17 and the first day itself saw some interesting moments. One of those were Vicky Jain’s mother and Ankita Lokhande’s bonding. Ankita and Vicky’s mothers were the first guests aka family members to come to the house. They were the guests on day one, apart from Arun Mahashetty’s wife, and arrived on the show some time back.

The bonding

Ankita was seen bonding with Vicky’s mother on the show. They were caught laughing while sitting on the couch. Ankita was seen in a white overall while Vicky’s mother wore a red-and-yellow saree.

Why it’s special

Social media has noticed how Vicky’s mother often calls out Ankita. She supports Vicky in all matters and has his attention more than he bonds with Ankita. Netizens noticed many such moments, including the conversation when both the mothers had previously come to Bigg Boss 17.

The initial reactions and moments

When Ankita’s mother came to the house, the actress broke down. Isha Malviya came to greet her and Samarth Jurel ran to touch her feet. Vicky couldn’t stop smiling on seeing his mother either. Soon after, the two ladies started bonding and kept the housemates happy. Munawar also broke down seeing the mothers since he misses his own. Both the mothers got together to take up kitchen duties. They cooked meals for the housemates which left them smiling from ear-to-ear.

The previous meeting

Both the mothers came together on Bigg Boss 17 previously to surprise Vicky and Ankita. They all had a video call, where the mothers showed the couple the mirror – of how they are seen in a bad light outside the house. Vicky’s mother had accused Ankita of not taking care of Vicky in the house and the statement blew up, since the netizens said that Vicky behaves with Ankita the way he does thanks to his mother. Things calmed down slightly when Vicky and Ankita were seen bonding on the show.

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