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Rashmika Mandanna sets the record straight on taking ownership of Animal success - Just believed that good work would speak for itself

Rashmika Mandanna mentioned that patience was required as she delved into new film ventures, addressing fans' concerns.

Rashmika Mandanna sets the record straight on taking ownership of Animal success - Just believed that good work would speak for itself
Rashmika Mandanna/Instagram

Last Updated: 03.26 PM, Feb 25, 2024


Rashmika Mandanna has been slaying recently with her appearance during Milan Fashion Week and is back in the pavilion with the shooting of her forthcoming film. Now, the actor took to her Instagram page and shared that she has been missing in action for a reason. Rashmika shared a couple of mirror selfies without revealing her face and explained that she cannot display her entire face until her film crew does, as is customary for a brand-new look in the film.

Clarification on absence and commitment to work

However, filming is progressing rapidly, and she felt compelled to inform everyone. Another point she wanted to address is the circulating topic that suggests she is not taking ownership of her success. Rashmika went on to explain that it's filled with care, concern, and love. 

The actor stated that Animal, a huge film, has been well-received. Despite wanting to take a break and enjoy it like everyone else, her workaholic nature required her to return to the set the day after her film's release, limiting her availability for interviews and public appearances. For her job, Rashmika has to fly nightly, and she is shooting some of the most ambitious and intense projects of her career. 

Addressing fans' requests and patience

The actor further stated that she can't take pictures, publish certain posts, or go live according to her fans' requests because she can't actually expose the look until her film crews do. The actor is sure they will both miss each other when the films finally come out, but she can assure people that they will all be ecstatic and that the wait will have been well worth it. Rashmika, for one, is eagerly anticipating such times. She is glad to be serving her fans, her teams, and herself, so she requested that her fans be patient with her while she tries her best.

Rashmika further took on the responsibility of the achievement, stating that she noticed an abundance of fans' love and messages to her, and these are what make me happy and keep her going. Her team and PR team informed her that they should be more active, but she already mentioned that she was filming her next feature the day after the film's release, so the actor didn't have the time to devote to this. She assured fans that they would make time for this next time. She had faith that high-quality work would carry its own weight; it did, and for that she is eternally thankful. The actor realised that she was late in thanking fans for all the love, but she wanted to do it the moment she came live, and she is still going to hang on to that idea.

Rashmika ended by thanking the staff and supporters who made sure she didn't have to worry about anything.

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