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Raymo: Leaked video of allegedly drunk Ashika Ranganath goes viral

Director Pavan Wadeyar explains that it is a behind-the-scenes moment from an intense sequence in the film which has been taken out of context and extends apology to the actress

Raymo: Leaked video of allegedly drunk Ashika Ranganath goes viral
Ashika Ranganath

Last Updated: 03.39 PM, Nov 19, 2022


A video of what appears to be actress Ashika Ranganath, intoxicated and stumbling out of her car, is now viral. Clutching a bottle with a colourless liquid that could be water but can also be mistaken for vodka/tequila, Ashika, who appears unsteady on her feet, approaches someone who was recording her and tells him to stop and then proceeds to flip him off. Within moments, the video spread like wildfire, with allegations of the actress having misbehaved on the set of her film, Raymo.


Director Pavan Wadeyar has now issued an explanation and an apology to the actress, as the scene has been represented out of context. “Ashika is not a person who will behave in the way it is shown in the video. This was an intense scene from our film, which has been taken out of context. She is so upset with the viral video that she is now refusing to promote the film,” he says, adding, “Making the video public was a mistake by our marketing team. There are so many moments from the making, including behind-the-scenes frames from the 50-odd days that this film was shot that were available to them and they erred in their judgement of what to use for a promotional video. I couldn’t sit with them and tell them to only use certain portions. Instead, I had given them the entire hard disk with the footage. Someone has decided to use this sequence, which was part of the shooting. If you pay attention, there are shooting props in the background. Having said that, I take complete onus for this mistake. It should not have happened. This should not become a personal attack on Ashika. Right now, people are believing that this was a drunken tantrum by the actress because her acting was quite realistic. On behalf of the entire team, I extend a heartfelt apology to Ashika.”

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