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RDX teaser: Shane Nigam, Antony Varghese, Neeraj Madhav promise an explosive actioner

RDX teaser suggests an explosive action drama starring Shane Nigam, Antony Varghese and Neeraj Madhav. 

RDX teaser: Shane Nigam, Antony Varghese, Neeraj Madhav promise an explosive actioner
RDX poster.

Last Updated: 06.14 PM, Jun 29, 2023


The teaser of the upcoming Malayalam movie RDX was released on Thursday. Making his directorial debut, Nahas Hidhayath seems to have brought a fresh perspective to the genre of buddy dramas.

Based on the teaser, RDX revolves around the lives of three friends named Robert, Dony, and Xavier, hence the title RDX. The trio is portrayed as inseparable companions, bonded by their shared passion for street fights. While the teaser doesn't explicitly reveal the reason behind their intense brawls, it is a known trend in recent action films in Malayalam cinema that such motivations are often secondary. Unlike in the past, the heroes of Malayalam cinema no longer require a strong reason to throw punches or execute powerful kicks. It can be as simple as a minor provocation to trigger the hotheaded hero and result in mass destruction. Remember Thallumaala? 

Likewise, RDX appears to be an enjoyable action-packed film catering to the tastes of action movie enthusiasts. The trio, played by Shane Nigam, Antony Varghese, and Neeraj Madhav, seems to have an enduring friendship characterized by their notorious reputation for holding grudges and seeking revenge against their rivals. The teaser effectively establishes the group's reputation and penchant for intense fistfights. Stunt master duo Anbariv, known for their work in films like Vikram and the upcoming Leo, has choreographed the action sequences, raising expectations for some thrilling and memorable scenes.


In addition to the main cast, RDX features Mahima Nambiar, Aima Rosmy Sebastian Lal, Maala Parvathi, and Babu Antony in pivotal roles. And the film is due to arrive in cinemas this Onam. 

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