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Red Ghost: Nazi Hunter - Here's why you should revisit the Russian war thriller on OTT

Released in 2021, Red Ghost: Nazi Hunter narrates the tale of a lone soldier who terrorized the Nazis. The Russian war thriller is available on VROTT and OTTplay Premium

Red Ghost: Nazi Hunter - Here's why you should revisit the Russian war thriller on OTT

Red Ghost: The Nazi Hunter 

Last Updated: 08.17 PM, Apr 25, 2024


Directed by Andrey Bogatyrev, Red Ghost: Nazi Hunter was initially scheduled to release in 2019. After struggling with unknown internal troubles in Russia, the film was later released in 2021. The film portrays the tale of a lone warrior who terrorized the Nazis. The thrilling drama showcases the events during World War II, with mind-blowing cinematography of war, soldiers, their struggles, solid acting, and realistic action sequences. The Russian war thriller is available on VROTT and OTTplay Premium. Here's why you should revisit this gripping drama right now

Red Ghost: Nazi Hunter plot

Starring Aleksey Shevchenkov in the lead role, the film revolves around Red Ghost, a solitary figure, who terrorizes Nazi soldiers. The soldier acts as a hero, picking off enemies with deadly actions, one by one. However, within a flash, Red Ghost vanishes into the dense forest after each encounter. His movements are seemingly impossible to track. The news spreads like wildfire inside the country, and people are tremendously terrified of fatal deaths. This fuels the rumour that the Red Ghost might be some kind of immortal being. His presence feels like a cold shiver. He's believed to have some kind of power to cheat death.

Red Ghost: Nazi Hunter trailer

The badass trailer begins with Nazi soldiers standing in a severely cold place, where it is snowing heavily. The trailer shows it's 1941. Someone on the radio is talking about a terrifying unknown individual, who made the Germans tremble in fear. The person on the radio describes that this peculiar individual appears from nowhere and then disappears without a trace.

Soldiers are all ready with their guns and bomb shells to either catch this person or kill him immediately. The army officers begin to torture and threaten the native Russians to divulge if they have ever met this person named Red Ghost. Soldiers are seen discussing that Red Ghost has become famous within no time for killing hundreds of Nazis. He can smell Germans from miles away. Soldiers are seen brutally torturing and killing native Russians who are living their peaceful lives in the snowy village for not spilling out Red Ghost’s identity.


Despite being a super underrated film, Red Ghost: Nazi Hunter’s blood-filled trailer will surely make you feel the goosebumps. Those, who have very little idea about Nazis, can watch this film to broaden their knowledge and to be more aware of the atrocities they inflicted during World War II.

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