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Red Light Green Light on DocuBay - Watch the eye opening documentary on streaming here

Red Light Green Light is now streaming on DocuBay in India. 

Red Light Green Light on DocuBay - Watch the eye opening documentary on streaming here
Red Light Green Light On OTT

Last Updated: 04.16 PM, Jun 14, 2024


The way cinema is now exploring taboos in the world and how many people suffer at the hands of oppressors on various levels is important. Not that artists have just woken up now, but the audience is much more educated and willing to welcome content that is not just entertainment but much more than that. One of the genres of filmmaking that does the most for this cause is documentary filmmaking. The genre lends itself to exploring societal evils in a way that involves real people telling their tragic tales on camera. One player in this ecosystem is DocuBay, which is currently busy serving some eye-opening documentaries. The recent addition to their library is Red Light Green Light and below is all you need to know about it.

Red Light Green Light On DocuBay

DocuBay is a fast-growing streaming platform dedicated to bringing the most revered documentaries and documentary shows from across the world. They have so far provided an array of documentaries, and their library is proof. There are genres and subgenres with overflowing options. Red Light Green Light now joins this impressive collection. The documentary is already streaming on the platform, and we tell you why you should be watching it.

As the world continues to fight sex trafficking, there is also a battle to legalize prostitution. Two filmmakers begin their exploration through 10 countries as they try to understand the core of this issue. They want to find a solution to stop sexual exploitation before it happens in the first place. While governments have laws in place to punish the guilty and evil people, there has to be some clarity on the problem at its roots.


Red Light Green Light is written and directed by Jared Brock and Michelle Brock, with a runtime of 1 hour and 17 minutes. The documentary is now streaming on DocuBay, and you can watch it with your OTTplay Premium subscription. Red Light Green Light has received rave reviews across the globe and is appreciated by many audience members. This documentary is now having a second round in the streaming world.

The official synopsis for the documentary reads, “Opening a pandora's box, filmmakers raise questions about the oldest profession in the world—prostitution—and the ill it creates—sex trafficking. The governments in the world focus only on prosecuting those who do the trafficking but do not work on preventing it or protecting the vulnerable.”

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