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Zac Efron gave up veganism to bulk up for The Iron Claw and jumped into a crazy diet - Did you know?

Zac Efron had to bulk up to a crazy size to play the real life character in The Iron Claw and his struggle to reach that shape and size is crazy. 

Zac Efron gave up veganism to bulk up for The Iron Claw and jumped into a crazy diet - Did you know?
Zack Efron's Transformation For The Iron Claw

Last Updated: 07.25 PM, May 24, 2024


Actors doing crazy things to become their on-screen characters is no surprise. What is surprising is the process that it involves. From stories of Christian Bale doing the most extreme things to become his characters to Bollywood witnessing Ranveer Singh staple himself to feel the pain of a wound in his abdomen, it has all benefited him. So when you see another actor go borderline crazy, you know there is something happening. One such transformation was that of Zac Efron for the film The Iron Claw. The movie, based on the life of the Von Erich family, saw Efron push the limits of his body capacity and bulk up to become a beast. His visuals from the sets had fans cheering for him even before anything about the movie was released.

Zac Efron's Dedication To The Iron Claw


It was the leaked images that gave us a sneak peek into the transformation, and we knew that Sean Durkin and Zac Efron were up to something massive. But once the first look was out, everyone was curious to know what exactly went into building the body of a beast and what all Efron had to eat, quit, and do to get to that shape. The actor once got candid and spoke about it. But could you believe that he had to stop being vegan for a while to achieve the physicality that he managed in the film?

For the uninitiated, Zac Efron had been practicing veganism for a while. The actor has also been promoting it. But when he started training for The Iron Claw, he realised that it was not helping him grow the muscles. The actor, as per The Tab (via Men's Health), said, "I started intermittent fasting just after I stopped being vegan." He explained how his body wasn't processing vegetables like it should, so he had to stop. "My body wasn’t processing the vegetables in the right way. So, I decided to stop it and try something new. Intermittent fasting has been really helpful with that."

His meals were crazy. Zac Efron, after his bone broth for breakfast, would consume another portion of meat and "a healthy carbohydrate like sweet potatoes or quinoa." Despite practicing a vegan lifestyle for a while, he got into eating every niche meat that was available. "This is kind of weird, but I really like organ meat," he said. "I love liver and onions."

About The Iron Claw

The Iron Claw tells the stories of a wrestling dynasty that dominated the scene in Texas throughout the 80s. Starring Harris Dickinson, Jeremy Allen White, and Zac Efron in leading roles, it is directed by Sean Durkin. The movie opened in theatres in December 2023 and is now getting a second life on streaming, as it is set to stream on Lionsgate Play in India.

You can watch The Iron Claw with your OTTplay Premium subscription once it releases on Lionsgate Play. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else in the world of streaming and films.

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