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Venom 3 - Is this actually the last hurrah for Tom Hardy's anti-hero? Sony exec makes the most shocking revelation

For a while now, fans of Venom have been busy finding out where the third film in the franchise will be, and the mystery is now solved. 

Venom 3 - Is this actually the last hurrah for Tom Hardy's anti-hero? Sony exec makes the most shocking revelation
Venom 3 Is The Last Film In The Series

Last Updated: 05.19 PM, May 18, 2024


The way the Spider-Man universe in the live-action world has grown and branched out into many avenues is a fascinating thing. Not just the main man Peter Parker, but even the villains in his story have all earned respect and become the main characters of their standalone franchises. Not all have worked, of course, but the ones that did have been loved by the fans. Venom has been one of the most loved Spider-Man villains for the sheer intensity and gravitas that this character brings. 

The buzz around the third standalone movie starring Tom Hardy as the titular anti-hero is pretty intense. While everyone is busy dissecting the story, there is also this fear that this might be the last time we see him in the Sony-Marvel universe in a standalone movie. It turns out we have an answer to that now. Read on to learn everything you should know about this most surprising confirmation of the day.

Venom 3 To Be The Last Venom Film?

Venom has been one of the most discussed anti-heroes in the past couple of years. The biggest surge was when he made his way into the end credits of Spider-Man: No Way Home and kept the doors open for his entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While there has not been much update around his participation in the MCU, he is certainly working on Venom: The Last Dance, aka Venom 3, and it turns out this is his last time. 


The confirmation comes from Sony Motion Pictures Group Chairman Tom Rothman, who was at the Cannes Film Festival 2024 and at Columbia Pictures’ 100th birthday celebration. The executive spoke to Deadline about the slate of the studio and how there are big tentpole movies making their way to the big screen. "The larger point I'm making is that I think a healthy slate going forward is not going to be one side of the divide or the other. It's going to have a balance of big IP solid sequels," Rothman said.

Rothman then started discussing the Spider-Man universe that they also share with Marvel Studios. It is here that he ended up revealing that Venom: The Last Dance, aka Venom 3, will be the last and final Venom movie in the series. "Let me tell you, when the last of the Spider-Verse movies comes with Phil Lord and Chris Miller, it's going to be a significant event, as will the next Tom Holland Spider-Man film. And when all the Karate Kid storylines come together with Ralph Macchio and Jackie Chan and a new young karate kid. For those fans, that's going to be a significant moment. We have those. The third and last Venom is going to be huge."

About Venom 3

Ever since the official title of Venom 3, which is Venom: The Last Dance, was announced in March this year, fans and comic nerds were sure this was the last Venom movie in the series starring Tom Hardy. This also means the film now has the responsibility to be the best farewell saga, as it will have to connect all the recurring loose ends and also give the anti-hero a worthy last story. Set to release during the Halloween season, Venom 3 will hit the big screen on October 25, 2024.

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