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Red, White & Royal Blue 2 confirmed! Nicholas Galitzine and Taylor Zakhar Perez return | Here's everything we know so far

Red, White & Royal Blue has been greenlit for a sequel and the fans of the Amazon Prime Video original now have a sequel to obsess over. 

Red, White & Royal Blue 2 confirmed! Nicholas Galitzine and Taylor Zakhar Perez return | Here's everything we know so far
Red, White & Royal Blue 2 confirmed!

Last Updated: 03.01 PM, May 10, 2024


Amazon Prime Video in the West has certainly invested a lot in the adaptations of popular books and games in the past two years, and it is indeed a great move considering the recent two offerings to the fans have been supremely fruitful. Yes, we are talking about The Idea Of You and Fallout. But while these recent ones are busy making headlines and are the talk of the town as we speak for several reasons, how can we even forget the much more popular Red, White & Royal Blue?

Well, that was one film that gave us the charmers Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Henry and Taylor Zakhar Perez as Alex Claremont Diaz in love. The film adapted from a book turned out to be massively loved on the streaming platform, and now as we head towards the weekend, Prime Video just announced that they are working on a sequel. Yes, it's happening, you guys. Read on for all the details below.

Red, White & Royal Blue 2 Confirmed?

This morning, Amazon Prime Video announced the sequel to Red, White & Royal Blue in style. In a post that had a caption that read, “It’s official, a Red, White & Royal Blue sequel is in the works,” there was a poster that had a destroyed cake with a candle in the shape of 2 on it. Now, while this is a confirmation of the sequel to the show, this is also a very hilarious Easter egg. The first film had a scene where the two, Alex and Prince Henry, crash-landed on a gigantic cake at a royal wedding, and that became the highlight of the night. This is indeed the most thought-about announcement poster in recent times.

Do Nicholas Galitzine and Taylor Zakhar Perez Return?

Well, while the streamer on Instagram has not mentioned them in the poster or the caption, both of them are tagged in it. This very much means that the charming duo is, of course, returning to make their fans go all crazy over them yet again. There are no details on the plot of the sequel as to what part of the story the makers will now choose to tell, but the fact that the story continues is so reassuring in itself. 

As per the reports, Matthew López, who was in charge of the screenplay for the first part, will be back in the position as he will be joining hands with Casey McQuinston. Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter of Berlanti Schechter Films, Michael McGrath, and Matthew López continue to be the producers, while McQuiston will also serve as the executive producer on the film.

Red, White & Royal Blue Plot:

It is a feature film (now a franchise) adapted from Casey McQuinston’s bestselling novel Red, White & Royal Blue. It is about two people in love but they happen to be boys. Their love story is surrounded by the royal circus, as Alex is the son of the President of the United States and Henry is a prince who is a member of the British Royal Family. How this turns out to be a dynamic that needs to be saved becomes the story. The first part is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. There is no release date attached to the sequel as of yet.


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