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REVEALED: The reason why Zeenat Aman had to apologize to doctor in Mauritius

The veteran actress Zeenat Aman took to social media and recalled the incident in which she had to apologize to doctor in Mauritius

REVEALED: The reason why Zeenat Aman had to apologize to doctor in Mauritius
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Last Updated: 10.01 PM, Nov 13, 2023


There’s a famous adage that states, “For every energetic morning, there is always a pleasant evening”. The same can be applied to actors across all the industries. In the ever-increasing cluster of Bollywood actors, there exists Zeenat Aman, the veteran actress, who is as energetic as ever and is raring to go, even though she has passed her youth. Testimony to this is in the form of her social media posts, most of which definitely act as a booster to many present-day actors. After having shared many anecdotes, nostalgia and evergreen photographs on her social media, this time round, Zeenat Aman shared an extremely interesting incident that had occurred in Mauritius in the year 1995.

Taking to social media, Zeenat Aman wrote a lengthy post in which she had shared a rather interesting as well as funny incident that had occurred during her trip to Mauritius in the year 1995. Zeenat Aman, who looked extremely charming (as always) in her short haircut was seen seated along with two kids. The actress wrote, “In every parent’s life there inevitably comes a time when your child embarrasses you. The year was 1995 and we were off on a family holiday to Mauritius. I had been invited as a state guest to attend an event, and had decided to make the most of my visit by taking the boys along and extending our stay”.

She added that it was a summer holiday par excellence and that the resort was plush, the food was delicious, the waters were crystal clear, and the boys ran amuck. She also mentioned that, by day five her son Azaan had picked up an ear infection. But, fortunately for her, there was a pristine white infirmary, with a little waiting room and a clinic, attached to the resort. And, since Zeenat Aman did not have a nanny, her 5-year-old Zahaan had to tag along with them to his Azaan’s doctor’s appointment. And, while she left Zahaan in the waiting room with a colouring book to keep him busy, she had accompanied Azaan in to see the doctor.

But, when she came back, to her utter shock, she saw Zahaan had taken the clinic’s stamp and an ink pad at the vacant receptionist’s desk and had proceeded to furiously stamp the spotless walls of the waiting room, which had resulted in the walls getting covered in the smudged violet logo of the clinic!

Needless to say, the ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ actress was totally horrified. On the other hand, she recalled that her son Zahaan was beaming, only till he got an earful from the doctor as well as from her. Zeenat Aman, after profusely apologising to the doctor, also offered to pay for the damages!

On the professional front, Zeenat Aman will be seen in Manisha Malhotra’s film ‘Bun Tikki’. The film also features Abhay Deol and Shabana Azmi in important roles.

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